“The Nation State is Not Prepared for Something Like This” - Jeffrey Tucker Interview

“The Nation State is Not Prepared for Something Like This” - Jeffrey Tucker Interview

Jeffrey discovered Bitcoin only in February of 2013, and has written some 20 articles on the topic since that time, mainly because its emergence challenged much of what he thought he knew about money, banking, and entrepreneurship. Jeffrey has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin and is the CLO of Liberty.me. The Coin Telegraph: As you mentioned in Liberty.me’s IndieGoGo campaign, the wants of liberty-minded people have finally found a convergence point with available technology. How much do you imagine this technology will nudge others toward liberty-minded pursuits? Jeffrey Tucker: In the....

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From Skeptic to Evangelist: Economist Jeffrey Tucker on the Bits of Freedom

Bitcoin evangelist Jeffrey Tucker was not always a believer. The highly-trained economist, hailing from fellowships at the Mises Institute and the Acton Institute, initially struggled with how a non-tangible item could possibly qualify as money, much less “sound money.” But Bitcoin’s persistence as a medium of exchange kept Tucker on a fiery path of research which eventually lead to a crypto-romance that everyone in the libertarian world is familiar with. Tucker went on to organize CryptocurrencyCon 2013, and recently authored Bit by Bit: How P2P is Freeing the World. Bitcoin.com caught up....

Economist Jeffrey Tucker: Scams Are 'Bullish' for Bitcoin

Jeffrey Tucker, via Wikimedia Commons. It is no secret that the cryptocurrency industry is fraught with scams. Some of the more high-profile bitcoin scams-such as Mt. Gox-receive mainstream press coverage and reinforce the misguided stereotype that criminals are bitcoin's primary user group. Many in the Bitcoin community are understandably worried by this. However, Austrian economist Jeffrey Tucker sees a silver lining Tucker says the proliferation of bitcoin scams is actually a "bullish sign" for the bitcoin industry because scams tend to coalesce around budding industries with explosive....

Dear Ross Ulbricht: A Letter on His 32nd Birthday|Jeffrey Tucker

This letter to Ross Ulbricht was written by Jeffrey Tucker. Dear Ross, Happy birthday! It’s impossible to say “hope all is well” to a great man unjustly imprisoned by the state, so I’ll just skip the pleasantries. We’ve not met, but I’ve followed your work for many years. We have a shared interest in human rights, freedom, and the beautiful anarchy of digital spaces. Starting around the same time, we both developed the conviction that this would be our future, and we were impatient for it to get here. One hundred years of a failed administrative state is more than enough.

Economist Jeffrey Tucker on the ‘Threat of Deflation’ in Eurozone

Jeffrey Tucker is an economist who’s also savvy with blockchains (a rare combination). He is responsible for introducing Bitcoin to many of his readers via his authorship of four books and founding of the Cryptocurrency Conference. Tucker is a distinguished fellow for the Foundation for Economic Education and is the Chief Liberty Officer of Liberty.me. He talked with CoinTelegraph about the European Central Bank’s warnings about deflation, the future of fractional-reserve banking, and the role of peer-to-peer solutions. “You can do very good business under deflationary conditions.”

A Word from Jeffrey Tucker: Bitcoin Is Not a Monetary System

Libertarian leader Jeffrey Tucker, CEO of Liberty.me and publisher of Laissez Faire Books, shared with Bitcoin Magazine his views on how Bitcoin is NOT a monetary system. Bitcoin Is Not a Monetary System. By Jeffrey Tucker. Every since I started writing about cryptocurrency last Spring, my inbox has become a hub for Bitcoin questions. I completely understand - even to me it's still the most implausible idea ever that some code-slinging, nameless geek somewhere could somehow invent a new currency made from 1s and 0s, throw it out there on an open forum, and (in a mere five years), it would....