Jon Matonis on How Bitcoins are Expanding Global Media Opportunities

Jon Matonis on How Bitcoins are Expanding Global Media Opportunities

The latest article by columnist and Bitcoin Foundation board member Jon Matoni is on the mounting global media opportunities led by Bitcoin Foundation, a decentralized nonprofit project funding bitcoin-related initiatives. Serving as a board member of Bitcoin Foundation, Jon Matonis writes about how the 60% of their membership comes from outside the US and how Bitcoin Foundation is seeking partners to increase global effectiveness.

Some interesting excerpts from the article:

“Our foundation maintains an active relationship with various press entities seeking information about Bitcoin and the role of the nonprofit foundation. Since these inquiries come from around the world, we strive to be inclusive and we enlist the voluntary support of foundation members and regional affiliates for certain questions because they would best know their local bitcoin markets.”

“Media opportunities often lead to conference opportunities. Ultimately, this work expands the market for bitcoin education.”

“It’s not always about taking a position on political or human rights issues. Mostly, it’s about freedom of choice in currencies and economic education on bitcoin price movements, bitcoin exchange markets, bitcoin merchants, potential regulation, and the differences between Bitcoin as a payments network and bitcoin as a monetary unit.”

“The foundation itself is nonpolitical, so when an inquiry comes from an industry regulator, our role is to explain what is and what is not possible in terms of potential regulation. I believe this approach to be the most effective stance.”

“To date, this educational approach has been effective because only four jurisdictions and one central bank have published any formal statements on the Bitcoin crypto currency — Norway, Australia, France, United States, and the ECB. With the exception of the recent U.S. FinCEN regulatory guidelines, all of the reports have been explanatory in nature.”

“Bitcoin is the honey badger of currencies and the protocol rolls on.”

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