Cryptocurrency DNotes’ Block Reward To Reduce By 90% As Co-founder Alan Yong Reveals His Vision

Cryptocurrency DNotes’ Block Reward To Reduce By 90% As Co-founder Alan Yong Reveals His Vision

Responding to a number of developments in the cryptocurrency world, emerging currency DNotes will reduce its mining block reward from 250 to 25 DNotes beginning Monday, June 2, 2014. This will essentially reduce the new supply of DNotes by 90%.

DNotes co-founder Alan Yong established personal computer company Dauphin Technology in 1988, which had contracts with IBM, the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Treasury.  Having been well regarded as a visionary of a different tech era, emerging cryptocurrencies remind Yong of the early years of personal computers in the late 1980’s:

“The cost of entry to start a computer company was so low that thousands of people worldwide claimed to be manufacturers of personal computers in a very short period of time. Just few years later, only a few were left standing. The rest is history.”

DNotes is positioned as a conservative digital currency for long term appreciation. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies where the Developer becomes inactive soon after launching the currency, the DNotes team actively provides leadership and funding to support the community. As a group it actively seek to identify projects that are mutually beneficial to the industry as a whole but also have the potential to generate significant cash flow to support the community efforts and on going project development.

Cryptomoms, launched on April 16, 2014 with world wide media attention is among a number of projects the community has identified. Developed and fully funded by the DNotes team, Cryptomoms’ core mission is to encourage and assist women to participate in the emerging world of cryptocurrency.

Cryptomoms is a currency neutral site where everyone is welcome. It provides rich contents to assist those who are new to the industry with a helpful community to assist and answer questions from new members promptly. It also serves as a global community center for industry peers to announce their products and services. The DNotes team envisions that this will evolve to be an industry forum where challenges confronting the industry will be discussed and resolved.

As experienced tech entrepreneur Alan Yong, Co-founder of DNotes and Cryptomoms explains:

“For cryptocurrency to become main stream with wide spread adoption world wide, the industry must work together to address many challenging issues. It will take a lot of hard work in unity to cultivate and promote a culture of mutual respect, cooperation, and trustworthiness, to enable a number of cryptocurrencies to be sufficiently stable and reliable with the needed liquidity as a medium of exchange for goods and services.”

Chinese descendant Alan Yong has been an entrepreneur since graduating from Northern Illinois University in 1976 with an MBA. Yong and his wife immigrated from Malaysia to the U.S in 1971. The year of graduation Yong invested $25,000 in the restaurant business and later provided $250,000 to start software and computer hardware Manufacturing and Maintenance Systems, Inc, in Lombard, Illinois. The company invested over $1 million to start Dauphin Technology, a portable computer company. With teaming partners, including Sears Federal Systems, the teams won two major contracts to supply portable computers to the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Dauphin technology grew quickly to become a media sensation with multiple news coverage weekly for a number of years as a leader in pen-based mobile computers and wireless communication. It competed head on with Apple’s Newton, the first generation of Apple iPhone and iPad as we know today. Dauphin’s popularity caught the attention of some senior IBM executives leading to a manufacturing arrangement with funding hard for a rapidly growing small company to refuse. Unfortunately, demand for the handheld computer, DTR, fell far short of industry projections. IBM decided to unload their inventory of DTRs at a huge loss leading to the demise of Dauphin Technology. Yong added that the lesson learned here is that “if you are a little mouse, don’t dance with an elephant.”  Today, Yong is also a co-owner of Smokeys Daylily Gardens, one of the largest Daylily growers in the world.

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