Massive Data Center in Montreal, Canada Now Opens for Colocation Hosting of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

Massive Data Center in Montreal, Canada Now Opens for Colocation Hosting of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

CryptoMine, a solutions provider for cryptocurrency miners, today announces the opening of its 22,000 sq. ft. massive data center based in Montreal, Quebec.

CryptoMine, a solutions provider for cryptocurrency miners, today announces the opening of its 22,000 sq. ft. massive data center based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for colocation hosting of cryptocurrency mining machines.

Cryptocurrency mining machines are specifically designed and highly-powerful computers built only for the purpose of performing algorithmic calculations to “mine” cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. These machines are essentially industrial-grade and consume a lot of electricity at the same time generating a high amount of heat.

CryptoMine provides miners access to uninterruptable electricity supply at very economical rates. The data center design of intake and exhaust airflow, coupled with forced-air ventilation and superior cooling optimizes mining performance while protecting equipment from excessive heat damage.

CryptoMine has a team of experts in the fields of software and network engineering, as well as experienced specialists in Bitcoin mining, and thus being able to offer a full-spectrum of services related to small- and large-scale cryptocurrency mining.

CryptoMine aims to provide colocation hosting of mining machines from all hardware manufacturers, including CoinTerra, Black Arrow, HashFast, Butterfly Labs, KnCMiner and Spondoolies Tech.

About CryptoMine

CryptoMine is founded by a team of software application developers, networking and data center engineers, and Bitcoin miners. CryptoMine helps clients mine cryptocurrencies at maximum profit potential by providing colocation hosting of mining machines at very affordable electricity rates as well as superior cooling for optimized performance. CryptoMine also accepts Bitcoin as payment from clients.

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