Bitcoin Direct LLC, Subsidiary of Conexus, Places Order for Additional 6 Automated Bitcoin Machines

Bitcoin Direct LLC, Subsidiary of Conexus, Places Order for Additional 6 Automated Bitcoin Machines

Conexus Cattle Corp. (OTC PINK: CNXS) announced today their subsidiary, Bitcoin Direct LLC, a Nevada limited liability company ("Bitcoin" or the "Company"), has placed an order for 6 additional Automated Bitcoin Machines (ABMs). The ABMs, which provide consumers with the ability to instantaneously purchase bitcoins through their mobile devices, will be installed in key North American metropolitan markets. 

The Company currently has installations serving the major metropolitan centers of New York City and Montreal and anticipates placing the new ABMs in metropolitan areas that lack access to ABMs. Additional sites are presently being reviewed in the New York metropolitan area.

ABMs present a major solution for bitcoin users. An ABM allows consumers to exchange cash and bitcoins without the need for a human to facilitate the transaction. In addition, the Company plans to offer a full range of bitcoin transaction solutions to a wide variety of industries including remittance and gaming, among others. 

Conrad Huss, President of Conexus, commented: "We look forward to building out the Company's North American presence and opening up markets that are either underserved or completely lacking access to an ABM. Consumer demand has created the need for additional ABMs and we are eager to install our system into highly select, profitable market areas. As the AMBs are installed, we look forward to updating all stakeholders on the Company's progress and growth."

About Bitcoin Direct LLC

Bitcoin Direct LLC provides bitcoin transaction solutions for consumers. Bitcoin's initial focus is aimed at installing and servicing its ABMs (Automated Bitcoin Machines) in multiple locations. The ABMs provide consumers with the ability to instantaneously purchase bitcoins through their mobile devices. Currently, the Company has installations serving the major metropolitan centers of New York City and Montreal.

Bitcoin Direc

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