Blockchain Tech Corp. Scores 6th GOP Debate Straw Poll Conducted with Blockchain Voting Technology to Ensure Results Are Secure, Transparent, and Auditable

Blockchain Tech Corp. Scores 6th GOP Debate Straw Poll Conducted with Blockchain Voting Technology to Ensure Results Are Secure, Transparent, and Auditable

Blockchain Tech Corp. conducted a straw poll of Thursday night’s Fox Business GOP Presidential Debate held at New York’s Metropolitan Republican Club in a post-debate watch party. Cruz and Trump were virtually tied, with 18 and 17 votes respectively.

The voting technology employed utilizes the security features of the “blockchain” — the groundbreaking new technology underlying the digital currency Bitcoin. This innovation enables the company to conduct secure, tamper resistant elections by using the blockchain as a high-tech audit trail to ensure voting records are transparently verifiable and all votes are unique.

“The blockchain enables so many great things that were never before possible. While many people are focused on financial applications, we are bringing the security and transparency it enables into the election process.” said Nick Spanos, CEO of Blockchain Tech Corp.

The poll was a follow up to earlier polls held at the club also conducted by Blockchain Apparatus at each of the previous GOP debates. Executives with Blockchain Tech Corp. say the company is currently servicing labor Union elections and will continue to showcase its ground breaking voting technology throughout the 2016 election cycle.

Participants in the poll were asked: “who do you think won tonight’s debate?” Out of 53 participants, Cruz received the most votes with 18, Trump was just shy of a tie with 17 votes, and Rubio pulled in 11 votes.

Below are the official results from Fox Business GOP Presidential Debate straw poll conducted at the New York Metropolitan Republican Club:

Ted Cruz 18
Donald J. Trump 17
Marco Rubio 11
John Kasich 4
Chris Christie 2
Jeb Bush 1
Ben Carson 0

Blockchain Tech Corp.

Blockchain Tech Corp. is working to bring modern technology and transparency to the election process. The company has filed a non-provisional utility patent titled ‘System and Method For Securely Receiving And Counting Votes In An Election’ – Application #14820530.

Blockchain Tech Corp.

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