The World's First Bitcoin Rewards™ Program: A Powerful New Tool Enables Companies to Leverage Cryptocurrency for Incentives and Reward Programs

The World's First Bitcoin Rewards™ Program: A Powerful New Tool Enables Companies to Leverage Cryptocurrency for Incentives and Reward Programs

The market leader in Prepaid Bitcoin™ cards today reveals the world’s first Bitcoin Rewards™ Program (

The new Bitcoin Rewards™ Program gives key decision-makers access to one of the most flexible reward programs on the market. Incentive programs have been utilized in virtually every industry. They are powerful tools for bolstering productivity and enhancing corporate awareness.

From performance recognition to achievement awards to consumer promotions, reward programs are a vital part of any organization. Now there’s a new and refreshing program that enables companies to harness the power of Bitcoin in a simple-to-use format that offers value to the recipient along with convenience and recognition to the organization.

“The Bitcoin Rewards™ Program is an ideal solution for any type of incentive or promotional program,” Josh Agho explained. “It’s simple, convenient, and offers something of considerable value to whoever receives the card. It's versatile and can be used for both customers and employees.”

Bitcoin Rewards™ cards can be denominated in either USD or CAD and can be pre-loaded with anywhere from one to five hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin. The cards can also be customized with a personalized design or logo.

Additionally, users have the ability to add personalized names, expiration dates, and messages directly onto the cards. Once recipients receive their card, they can easily use it to pay online or in-store at any merchant that accepts Bitcoin.

Unlike Visa’s or Mastercard’s reward programs, users are not charged activation fees or transaction fees for using the card. This enables users to utilize 100% of their bitcoins. Card-holders may also opt to donate their bitcoins while other more bullish users may transfer the bitcoins to their personal wallet for safekeeping. The über versatile cards can be leveraged effectively for event giveaways, sales incentives, loyalty rewards, performance recognition, corporate gifts, consumer promotions, and rebates.

About Bitcoin Rewards™

Bitcoin Rewards™ was designed with the user in mind. The site was designed to ensure as straight-forward and responsive a process as possible. Users can visit the site and have their custom order completed within 5 minutes. “We make the ordering process as simple as possible,” said Josh, “sample card designs are available on the site, and there's an order wizard that guides users through the entire process.” Bitcoin Rewards™ cards are a refreshing addition to the marketplace. They are empowering leaders interested in convenient and user-friendly ways to introduce mainstream employees and customers to Bitcoin.

To learn more about the Bitcoin Rewards™ Program, visit:

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