Global Bitcoin Marketplace With 26 000 Users CryptoThrift Introduces ‘One-Click Re-list’ And Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Global Bitcoin Marketplace With 26 000 Users CryptoThrift Introduces ‘One-Click Re-list’ And Bitcoin Affiliate Program

CryptoThrift, the leading online Bitcoin marketplace with over 26 000 users, where anyone worldwide can buy and sell anything for Bitcoin and Litecoin, is pleased to announce a one-click re-list feature, and a new lucrative Bitcoin affiliate program.

CryptoThrift has since launch in 2013 reached and maintained its position as the leading Bitcoin marketplace and auction site where people can buy and sell anything for Bitcoin and Litecoin worldwide. CryptoThrift has over 26,000 users worldwide, 33 000 unique visitors and over 500 000 page views per month. Retailers can enjoy free listings and a low fee of 2.5% on sold items only.

CryptoThrift has developed a rewarding affiliate program and is always working to improve their Bitcoin market platform; the team is pleased to have introduced new features such as ‘one-click re-list’ and ‘bulk actions’ in order to assist frequent sellers.

The CryptoThrift team have developed and released their own Bitcoin affiliate program in order to reward those supporting the marketplace. Affiliates can earn up to one Bitcoin just for referring new users, as well as 1% of any sales or purchases made by the new users within their first 90 days. For more information please visit

The Bitcoin marketplace has increased their security significantly after an unfortunate hack in October 2014. All costs associated with the hacking of the site were paid solely with CryptoThrift’s own funds, demonstrating their commitment to their customers, and a more secure escrow service was bought back online.

Regardless of the fact that CryptoThrift has not received any external funding they still prioritize excellent customer service and are continually working hard to ensure CryptoThrift remains the best place to buy and sell retail goods and services for Bitcoin. CryptoThrift offers an in-house escrow service and customer support, averaging 96% satisfaction rate with 90% of cases answered within 24 hours. CryptoThrift arbitrates all escrow disputes in-house with no information trusted to a third party in order to sustain a close and trusting relationship with their users.

CryptoThrift supports an active community and welcomes feedback and suggestions from their users and other businesses so that they can continue to build and improve their services. CryptoThrift is reaching out to potential partners such as businesses and individuals within the crypto community to contact them.

With the launch of new helpful features such as ‘one-click re-list’, ‘bulk actions’ and a new affiliate program in the Bitcoin space: where anyone worldwide can buy and sell anything for Bitcoin.

For more information about CryptoThrift please visit:

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