Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Using Bitcoin! Interview With Guy Lane, CEO Of My Clean Sky

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Using Bitcoin! Interview With Guy Lane, CEO Of My Clean Sky

My Clean Sky, an innovative company out of Australia led by CEO Guy Lane, allows users around the world to offset their carbon emissions. Every time you drive or take a plane from point A to point B, you are creating excess carbon and contributing to global warming. In fact, every minute your computer runs, every time you download the blockchain: Carbon is emitted. Most of us have accepted this fact and don't think twice about it because not using cars, planes, or computers is not a possibility. For those whom would still like to quiet their burning conscious, My Clean Sky provides an....

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The new Bitcoin Clean Energy Investment Initiative will aim to make mining more eco-friendly. On Tuesday, payments giant Square announced a major push to go carbon neutral by 2030.As part of the initiative, Square will be dedicating $10 million to its Bitcoin Clean Energy Investment Initiative, which aims "to support companies that help drive adoption and efficiency of renewables within the bitcoin ecosystem."Square is the firm behind CashApp, which is a major force in bringing crypto to regular users. In today's announcement, Square identified Bitcoin as "a unique part of Square’s....

Building a Greener Bitcoin: How to Reduce Carbon Emissions

In this, Part Three of a three-part series, we explore the impact the bitcoin network is having on the environment. Part One projected exactly how much carbon dioxide each bitcoin produces, while Part Two put this figure in context with the broader financial sector. This article explores potential solutions to bitcoin's growing environmental problem. It turns out that the electricity used to produce bitcoins produces quite a bit of carbon dioxide - the equivalent of burning 16 gallons of gasoline, in fact. That means the entire bitcoin network uses slightly more power than it takes to run....

Ninepoint To Fully Offset Carbon Footprint Of Its Bitcoin ETF

Canadian investment manager Ninepoint will invest management fees in forest conservation to offset the carbon footprint of its bitcoin ETF.

Blockchain Coalition Launches Tradable Carbon Credit Token

The UPCO2 token represents a certified measure of carbon dioxide and can be traded, held or burned to offset an individual’s carbon footprint.

Mastercard NFTs will help consumers offset carbon ‘down to a cup of coffee’

Mastercard is set to incorporate carbon footprint tracking into its blockchain-based solution, to help consumers offset carbon emissions through their purchases. Leading payment technology provider Mastercard will help consumers directly offset carbon emissions and choose better products for the environment via its blockchain-based Provenance Solution.The system provides such granular detail that consumers can choose a more environmentally friendly cup of coffee, or a sustainable T-shirt, by interacting with the carbon credits directly related to that item, as represented by a nonfungible....