New Spanish Payment Platform Bitnovo Allows Customers to Access Funds Directly from Their Bitcoin Wallet Using Debit Card

New Spanish Payment Platform Bitnovo Allows Customers to Access Funds Directly from Their Bitcoin Wallet Using Debit Card

Spanish Bitcoin payment platform Bitnovo is now offering multiple payment options including Bitcoin charged debit cards that can be used at all retailers and ATMs that accepts MasterCard.

The Spanish Bitcoin payment platform Bitnovo continues to exhibit impressive growth since the launch 6 months ago. The startup is quickly establishing itself as one of the favourite selections among Spanish and English speaking Bitcoin users. Bitnovo offers a great selection of payment methods like card payments, Skrill, Sofort and bank transfers without compromising security; making it a user friendly option for novice and experienced Bitcoin users alike.

Customers will soon be able to purchase Bitcoin in two simple steps while the Bitnovo´s customer service team guides them through the process over the telephone or by email. Bitnovo is currently launching a new service that allows customers from across the world to purchase Bitcoin by making payments through their debit cards.

Bitnovo´s prepaid debit cards are already available in euro denomination; these prepaid debit cards can be instantly charged with a simple Bitcoin transaction. The funds will be available for use as soon as the transaction is validated by the blockchain. The process is extremely fast and allows the card owners to spend Bitcoin at any physical shop or online commerce portal in real-time. The fully functional card works with online services like PayPal, Amazon etc. It also allows withdrawals from any MasterCard ATM across the world. All these options make the Bitnovo card an excellent choice for customers wanting to merge the virtual and physical payment systems. The Bitnovo team explains:

“For us, as Bitcoin enthusiasts, it is still very difficult to use Bitcoin in our daily life. We cannot spend Bitcoin when we go to the supermarket, when we go to the dentist or when we go for a haircut. With our solution, you can instantly convert Bitcoin to euros and spend them anywhere, or even withdraw them for cash at any ATM. With our card you do not have to keep the Bitcoin with us, you can have them in your favourite wallet and just convert them when necessary. It’s a very quick process, with no logins or registrations, as simple as it gets.”

Bitcoin adoption is rapidly increasing in Spanish speaking countries. Many potential customers in the region face problems while accessing customer support in languages other than their native tongue. Bitnovo, with its completely Spanish website, is a great solution for such customers as the company provides customer support in both Spanish and English.

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