Investors Pounce on Crypto Dip: $441 Million Floods Back into Market — CoinSh...

Investors Pounce on Crypto Dip: $441 Million Floods Back into Market — CoinSh...

While the crypto investment sector has experienced significant outflows in recent weeks, the reverse has now been the case, with combined inflows reaching $441 million in the past week alone. This follows three consecutive weeks of net outflows ramping up concerns over investor confidence. As reported by CoinShares head of research James Butterfill, the inflow […]

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Pounce Teams Up With Coinbase To Allow Shopping at Target and Other Major Retailers Using Bitcoin

Shopping at Target, Best Buy, and other retailers using bitcoin may have just gotten a whole lot easier. One-tap shopping app Pounce has teamed up with Coinbase in order to allow consumers to complete their purchases using the digital currency, opening their doors to a whole new customer base. Other retailers users can buy from include Lord & Taylor, Toys

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A few months have passed since Overstock became, arguably, the most high-profile retailer to accept bitcoin. While only a handful of major brands have followed Overstock's lead, that doesn't mean its decision isn't having an impact. As evidence, Ryan Craver, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Hudson Bay Co., told CoinDesk that Overstock's continued bitcoin sales were a key reason he decided to test the waters with bitcoin, albeit through a business partner. On 10th March, it was revealed that Hudson Bay Co., which operates major brands like Lord & Taylor and Hudson's Bay, would....

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Litecoin has been widely looked down upon by investors as an inferior version of Bitcoin with few distinguishable differences, little utility, and waning development activities. It is still one of the early cryptocurrencies that have ample liquidity and listings across all the major exchanges. As such, when floods of new investors enter the ecosystem, they […]

Winklevoss Twins, Bitcoin Billionaires, Think DeFi is a “Revolution”

Ethereum’s DeFi space has fallen off dramatically over recent weeks due to weakness in the markets. Top coins pertaining to the space have dropped by over 30-40% from their recent all-time highs, resulting in market carnage. Not to mention, some crypto assets in the space have lost even more than 40%, plunging as capital floods […]