From FIRE To Bitcoin: One Canadian’s Journey To Bitcoin

From FIRE To Bitcoin: One Canadian’s Journey To Bitcoin

A one-year retrospective from a Canadian Bitcoiner who lived through the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and found a lifeline in the Bitcoin community.This is an opinion editorial by Boomer, a long-time and active member of the financial independence/retire early (FIRE) movement and a contributor at Bitcoin Magazine.It has been exactly one year since I started my Bitcoin journey, and after being inspired by meeting several amazing Canadian Bitcoiners over the past few weeks, I want to share my story. In some ways, my orange-pilling has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me, but it has also....

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Here's a little something to start your Monday off on a light note. We'll point out right off the bat that the video above is satirical in nature (if you haven't already guessed). In short, a man's journey beginning in 2010 through recent time discussing on his webcam his fascinating (and hilarious) journey in the world of bitcoin. The ups, the downs (though in his case, mostly downs). Check it out! Link to original video on YouTube.

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