US Forces Young Hacker To Forfeit $5.2 Million In Bitcoin

US Forces Young Hacker To Forfeit $5.2 Million In Bitcoin

Last month, Ahmad Wagaafe Hared, a young hacker based in the United States, was ordered to forfeit approximately $5.2 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC), Stellar (XLM), and a BMW sports car to the government. According to a report, this order was made last week due to Hared’s involvement in a SIM-swapping scheme that targeted crypto […]

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The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has uncovered cryptocurrency and cash worth more than $1.66 million during an investigation. Following information received from the FBI, the AFP arrested a hacker who sold stolen Netflix and Spotify subscriptions. Subsequently, the Supreme Court of New South Wales ordered the convicted hacker to forfeit the currencies to the Commonwealth. […]

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Following the hack on July 2, 2022, the team behind the decentralized finance (defi) protocol Crema Finance detailed that after some negotiation, the hacker returned roughly $8 million in crypto assets. According to the team, the hacker agreed to take a white hat bounty worth 45,455 solana. Hacker Returns $8 Million in Crypto to Crema Finance On July 2, 2022, the defi project Crema Finance was exploited for roughly $8.7 million in crypto assets. According to the blockchain auditing firm Ottersec, flash loan attacks were used to siphon $8,782,446 worth of digital currencies. Crema Finance....

The hunt for the missing Nxt has begun

Following the hack of the BTer exchange a deal was negotiated with the hacker for him to return all the stolen NXT to BTer against some Bitcoins. Sure enough, the hacker didn’t keep his work and kept 8.3 million NXT by himself. I was the lead negotiator of this deal, but I am now ready to lead the hunt for this hacker. I had lengthy talk with him, and got a chance to understand him fairly well. I received help from several people to try to identify him, and I am pleased to say we already have some promising ideas to pursue. Naturally, this kind of information will remain confidential until....

Moola Market Hacker Returns $7.8 Million Of Stolen Funds

On Tuesday, a hacker exploited a vulnerability in the Celo-based Moola Market lending protocol and stole $8.4 million. But in a turn of events, the hacker restored 93.1% of the stolen cash on Wednesday morning.  The Celo blockchain platform confirmed the occurrence in a tweet at 19:03 BST on Tuesday, October 18. After learning of […]

Mixin Network Offers Hacker $20 Million Bug Bounty To Return Stolen Assets

Cross-chain protocol Mixin Network has offered the hacker behind the $200 million exploit a $20 million bug bounty reward to return the stolen assets.  Mixin Woos Hacker With $20 Million Bug Bounty According to blockchain security firm Peckshield, the bug bounty offer was communicated as an on-chain message, with Mixin urging the bad actor to […]