Emerging from the Dark Ages: The Journey of Bitcoin and the Blockchain

Emerging from the Dark Ages: The Journey of Bitcoin and the Blockchain

If you took a time machine and went back to the Dark Ages, you would see people languishing in jail, and crowds chanting, “Burn the witches!” In those days, superstition and violence was the norm. The Roman Catholic Church orchestrated the Inquisition to persecute heretics and the forces of “evil.” Famine and disease were common. Poverty, constant warfare, and the Bubonic plague killed tens of millions of people. Cultural growth was stagnant. However, through these gloomy centuries, new ideas and culture were born. During the Dark Ages, the groundwork was laid for a new age: the....

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Watch This Man's Epic Bitcoin Journey (Humor)

Here's a little something to start your Monday off on a light note. We'll point out right off the bat that the video above is satirical in nature (if you haven't already guessed). In short, a man's journey beginning in 2010 through recent time discussing on his webcam his fascinating (and hilarious) journey in the world of bitcoin. The ups, the downs (though in his case, mostly downs). Check it out! Link to original video on YouTube.

Bitcoin on the Dark Web: The Facts

Bitcoin has been the de facto currency of the Dark Web - the 'hidden' Internet accessible only by Tor - since the pioneering marketplace Silk Road, the 'eBay of drugs', arrived in 2011. But just how much do we know about these new underground economies? Who is buying and selling - and what? Here's what available data can tell us about bitcoin on the Dark Web. Bitcoin on the Dark Web: the Facts

Blockchain Time Traveling: One Man’s Journey to ‘Prove his Existence’

His passion for blockchain technology has driven him from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Silicon Valley, USA, where he now resides & operates his developments. A couple years ago, he was just a curious kid studying Cryptology in college. Manuel Aráoz’s journey to “prove his existence” via blockchain technology is revolutionary! Mr. Aráoz is considered an expert in blockchain development & is the creator of www.ProofOfExistence.com. Duly noted in the digital sector as the “first” service of it’s kind, ProofOfExistence [PoX] allows users to publicly prove they have certain information without....

The Dark Web - The Bitcoin Slang Market

Many people believe that search engines, especially Google, can index most of the pages available on the web for a given search query. Nonetheless, the truth is that there is a massive part of the internet that cannot be accessed by Google's crawling spiders. This part of the web is known as the "Dark Web" and it is a place where cryptocurrency, namely bitcoin, is the official currency. What is The Dark Web? The dark web, or deep web (false name as the deep web is a part of the dark web), represents the parts of the world wide web that are hosted on overlay networks, darknets, TOR....

Rower Elsa Hammond Accepting Bitcoin Donations For Pacific Crossing

Source: ElsaHammond.com. Rower Elsa Hammond is planning to row her way through part of the Pacific Ocean from Monterey Bay, California to Hawaii. It's a a 2,800-mile journey, and it'll all be propelled with Hammond's own body strength. In preparation, Hammond needs to raise £100,000 (or just over $160,000 USD) to make the journey happen. As such, she's decided to accept bitcoin donations. As of this writing, Hammond has managed to raise 6.41174 BTC to her donation address, nearly $4,000 USD. Blockchain.info has even joined in on the fun, becoming one of Hammond's sponsors. Excess funds....