The Podcast: Kent Liu of

The Podcast: Kent Liu of

On this episode of the official podcast, our host Zach Doty sits down with Kent Liu of, a service that lets users spend bitcoin on Amazon purchases with discounts. During the show, Liu explains how works, and how much users can expect to save by using the service to shop on Amazon with bitcoin. Liu says that the Purse team themselves found it “shocking” how they saved so much by using their own platform. With the “Name Your Discount” feature, Purse users can upload their Amazon wishlists to the Purse marketplace, and pick the discount they would like to....

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BCoin is a fullnode bitcoin client which implements all the latest BIPs (BIP 150, 151, and more) and includes support for SegWit. Since bcoin is a fullnode it can process the entire blockchain just like bitcoincore and btcd. BCoin is implemented in pure javascript, and is browserify-able (this means compiling a binding to an ECDSA library is not even required for node.js). They have now begun integrating the Lightning Network. It’s tentatively called “blight” (bcoin Lightning) for now. takes over this episode as both Christopher Jeffrey (JJ) who is the....

Review: Is Purse's Discount Really Worth the Hassle?

Name: Purse. What it is: A peer-to-peer marketplace that matches individuals wanting to buy items on Amazon at a discount with others wanting to buy bitcoin with a credit card or via PayPal. The service claims discounts of up to 20% for bitcoin shoppers. Who's behind it: CEO and co-founder Andrew Lee, previously an advisor for and co-founder at Superior Payments Processing LLC, and co-founder and CTO Kent Liu, formerly an engineer at IBM and Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. (See the full team here.) Roger Ver and BTC China's Bobby Lee (also an adviser) are both investors....

Purse Merchants Goes Live with More Products than Amazon, eBay or Alibaba

Back in November of 2015, Andrew Lee CEO of announced its new venture Purse Merchants via’s All-Star AMA sessions. The company has just notified us that Purse Merchants is now live and rolling out its services to the public. Now anyone globally can purchase and sell items for bitcoin utilizing secure escrow transactions. spoke with the founder of Purse about the launch of the new marketplace. Purse Merchants is a decentralized marketplace allowing anyone worldwide to use the platform to buy and sell merchandise. The market offers an escrow system that.... Partners With USendHome for International Buyers

On October 13, launched native international shipping support. This new development opens the door for more shoppers in areas Amazon does not serve. The new integration, with USendHome, caters to shoppers who want an in-app solution. USendHome also provides additional guarantees such as product pictures, advanced package tracking and fast shipping. Even better — they accept payment in Bitcoin. Purse in the News. Purse also appeared in the news recently with its launch of Bcoin, a Javascript-based Bitcoin library, and a partnership with Indian.... Purse Instant and Choose Your Discount Review

For Bitcoiners, seems to be one of the best options for spending Bitcoin for goods, as Amazon carries almost anything you would want to buy. In addition to the ability to spend Bitcoin on Amazon products, allows you to choose a discount rate between 1-50%. However, since Purse acts as an escrow service, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to get a 50% discount on anything. In past transactions with Purse, I’ve gotten up to a 35% discount on items that were less than $10, 30% off of items that were less than $30, and 25% off of anything higher than that. In....


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