The 2016 Bitcoin Survey Supports 11 Different Languages

The 2016 Bitcoin Survey Supports 11 Different Languages

One of the main questions people often wonder about is who is using Bitcoin these days. The 2016 Bitcoin Survey by the Bitcoins in Ireland team will bring us one step closer to find out the answer as a total of eleven different languages are now supported. Even though the results of the 2016 Bitcoin Survey will not be able to tell the complete story as to who uses Bitcoin and why, it may certainly provide some valuable insights in the end. Last year’s version showed some impressive results as well, although the number of supported languages was relatively then.

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Bitcoin's reputation, perception, and acceptance levels run the gamut worldwide. Acceptance in the U. S., China, and Australia is relatively strong. Some nations seek to suppress it through legislation and even ban it in places like Russia and Bangladesh. And if you have poor internet connectivity, you are destined to be on the outside looking in when it comes to the "Internet of Money." Now, a national survey of Great Britain's citizenry has been produced by the Digital Currency Council in the United States, in association with Reputation Leaders from the United Kingdom. This survey took....

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