Dash’s 2nd Birthday: We Are Complementary To Bitcoin, Not A Competitor

Dash’s 2nd Birthday: We Are Complementary To Bitcoin, Not A Competitor

On the 2nd birthday of Dash, CoinTelegraph spoke to Evan Duffield, the founder and lead developer of the Dash Project (formerly Darkcoin), to talk about the 2 years of this dashing journey. CoinTelegraph: Evan, congratulations on Dash completing two years. Evan Duffield: Thank you, it’s been a very exciting two years. So much has happened during the two years, it seems pretty amazing. We managed to develop the masternode concept, along with instant transactions, privacy, funding and governance. I’m pretty happy with the progress that we’ve made. CT: What was your vision for Dash when you....

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Happy Birthday Ross Ulbricht: A Letter From Lyn to Bitcoin.com

This letter to Ross Ulbricht was written by Lyn Ulbricht. Ross will spend his 32nd birthday (his third in prison) on March 27, Easter Sunday. I think of Easter as a time of hope and resurrection, and pray that this next year will be that for Ross. On one of my birthdays, when I commented on getting older, Ross said, “No big deal Mom. A birthday is just another trip around the sun.” But it is not easy, and is often crushing, to watch your early 30s pass by as you spend day upon endless day, month after month, year after year in what is virtually a cage.

How Dash Increased Its Node Count by 40% in 4 Months

In June of 2015, the cryptocurrency Dash had approximately 2,500 nodes. The network then rolled out a new user role which they call the “masternode,” and began paying masternodes half of the block reward (same as the miners). In the last four months, the Dash network has added almost 1,000 nodes, increasing its count by 40% for a total today of over 3300. Dash’s 3300 masternodes are tasked with more than hosting its blockchain. They also perform two of Dash’s key functions, namely DarkSend (a native coinjoin) and InstantX (instant transaction confirmations). They also must provide a....

Dear Ross Ulbricht: The Next Ten Years

Dear Ross, I am writing this letter a day before your birthday. Just three days ago, I had my own birthday, I turned 22. That means we are ten years apart almost to the day. So, while trying to come up with something to say that will help you enjoy your birthday, I began thinking about what life will be like for me in 10 years, when I’m turning 32, just as you will do on March 27. How different will my path be from yours, and how different would it have been if you had never stood up for what you believed in and fought for economic freedom through your entrepreneurship? You have been....

Dear Ross Ulbricht: A Letter on His 32nd Birthday|Jeffrey Tucker

This letter to Ross Ulbricht was written by Jeffrey Tucker. Dear Ross, Happy birthday! It’s impossible to say “hope all is well” to a great man unjustly imprisoned by the state, so I’ll just skip the pleasantries. We’ve not met, but I’ve followed your work for many years. We have a shared interest in human rights, freedom, and the beautiful anarchy of digital spaces. Starting around the same time, we both developed the conviction that this would be our future, and we were impatient for it to get here. One hundred years of a failed administrative state is more than enough.

Dear Ross Ulbricht: A Birthday Letter From Mate Tokay

Dear Ross, I truly hope you can find some happiness on your Birthday. What you have done gives strength to people to fight for our rights and to show the world that we cannot and should not be regulated!   You are a hero to hundreds of thousands of people if not even more!   The world is a weird place where leaders can get away with everything while others suffer for not doing anything illegal.   There are many people in history who fought and represented the same values you do, and I look at you and respect you just like those brave and amazing man.   I....