Grows 12K+ Wallets a Day - On Track For 100M By 2020 Grows 12K+ Wallets a Day - On Track For 100M By 2020 My Wallets grows to +12000 new registrations per day. The trend chart shows a parabolic curve that implies a hundred million users by 2020. But how reliable is this data in regards to the number of new users entering the world of Bitcoin? Founded in 2011, is one of the oldest companies in the Bitcoin market, and their online wallet one of the most used, together with the Coinbase one. Blockchain’s charts page is a good source of data, reflecting a large part of the market, and the last month has seen a further boost in the parabolic curve of wallets....

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Popular online wallet provider today sent a tweet that notes that the service has had 70,000 new wallet registrations in the period of one week. If basic math isn't your forte, that's 10,000 new sign-ups per day, which is certainly a significant number. is known for their ease-of-use online wallets, and as such, has become quite reputable in the Bitcoin community. Not only that, also serves as the de facto place to view Bitcoin transactions taking place around the world, which of course are public as per the Bitcoin protocol. No doubt, the.... Surpasses 1.5 Million Web Wallets

The number of web wallet users on popular bitcoin site continues to climb. According to (who made this reddit post), over 1.5 million "My Wallet" accounts have established. Chart data on the site shows just under 1.5 million, but it has not yet been updated. If you recall in late October, Blockchain announced that 500,000 wallets had been created. Fast forward to January of 2014, and it was announced that a whopping one million wallets had been created. Recently, online bitcoin brokerage Coinbase surpassed one million wallets in late.... has more than 3 million bitcoin wallets now

More than 3 million bitcoin wallets have been created on at present, as the backers of the popular cryptocurrency continue to rely on the world's largest bitcoin wallet provider. The number of Blockchain wallets has more than doubled in the last one year due to rising popularity of bitcoin among technology enthusiasts and companies. Over the last 30 days, the number of wallets has been increased by about 6%, according to statistics from the wallet provider. Until January 2013, the number of wallets on Blockchain were staying below 80,000. Subsequently, there was a steady.... to Give Away 10 Bitcoins to 500,000th Online Wallet Creator

To celebrate the creation of 500,000 online wallets, will be giving away a pretty penny to some random, unsuspecting individual. That reward is 10 BTC, worth just over 2,000USD at the time of this writing. has confirmed the giveaway on both Facebook and Twitter, so we know this is for real. For that one person who ends up winning, that 10 BTC could be worth a whole lot more in a few years! Original announcement: is about to reach 500,000 total wallets created, and we are extremely grateful to the bitcoin community for it's continual support....

1 Millionth Bitcoin Wallet Created on has reached the biggest milestone in its history - it now boasts over a million wallets. A year ago it had fewer than 100,000 users and by late October the company announced that it had created 500,000 wallets, so it is evident that things are picking up. A representative told CoinDesk that the company plans to celebrate the latest milestone with some big prizes. Back in October, the lucky user who created the 500,000th wallet was rewarded with 10 BTC, so the stakes are high. Blockchain acknowledged that reaching the one million mark is a major....


Today you can buy almost anything with Bitcoin… For young, internet-savvy people, it’s become the currency of choice… This would convey to the world that New York is on the cutting edge.

Mark Levine, New York City Councilman