SatoshiPoint Backed by 2 Angel Investors

SatoshiPoint Backed by 2 Angel Investors

Bitcoin ATM operator SatoshiPoint is now backed by two experienced Angel investors, including Alistair Milne (an investor in several Bitcoin startups and manager of the Altana Digital Currency Fund). The financing will fund the expansion plans of SatoshiPoint and further extend its capabilities, allowing individuals to buy and sell Bitcoin at more locations and digitally online in larger quantities. “These are exciting times for Bitcoin, SatoshiPoint and the UK. I’m really excited to be working with pro-active investors and ecstatic to have closed my first round of funding”.

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ATM Company Satoshipoint Attracts Angel Investors to Support Expansion Plans

SatoshiPoint is one of the leading companies in the UK operating Bitcoin ATMs in several locations throughout the country. SatoshiPoint Bitcoin ATMs were designed to offer the best user experience and allow users to easily buy and sell Bitcoin at almost zero or low processing costs. The company recently re-launched under the sole management of Hassan Khoshtaghaza and confirmed the back of two Angel Investors who will be funding the company's expansion plans. Hassan Khoshtaghaza, Managing Director of SatoshiPoint, commented. "I'm really excited to be working with the Angel investors and....

Bitcoin ATM Company SatoshiPoint Gains Angel Investors and Plans for Expansion

SatoshiPoint is a company operating Bitcoin ATMs in multiple locations across the UK. Powered by General Bytes software in secure fixed-kiosk locations, SatoshiPoint Bitcoin ATMs offer the very best user experience to allow individuals to buy and sell Bitcoin with zero or low processing costs with each transaction. SatoshiPoint has recently re-launched under the solo management of Hassan Khoshtaghaza. They have confirmed the back of two Angel Investors, for the purposes of funding expansion plans. New locations and increased liquidity are in store. His once business partner and good friend....

Robocoin Operator Hacks ATM to Run Lamassu Software

Robocoin's comments have been added. A former Robocoin operator in the UK has 'hacked' its bitcoin ATM machines to run on software from rival manufacturer Lamassu. The operator, SatoshiPoint, has installed a system that runs on Lamassu software, bypassing the original Robocoin system. The machine can still buy bitcoin but it has lost its ability to sell bitcoin and dispense fiat currency. SatoshiPoint's four Robocoin machines were remotely disabled by the manufacturer on 7th November after it refused to use the company's updated operating system. The new operating system requires ATM....

Satoshipoint Launch Party, ATM's in the UK!

As recently discussed, SatoshiPoint recently launched their first 2 ATM's in London and the 1stATM outside of London in the UK, located in Bristol. The launch party was graciously supplied by SatoshiPoint, drinks and food were freely available and of quite a quantity, needless to say, there were a few tipsy people by the end of the evening (myself included). Hassan Khoshtaghaza. The launch party was relatively small in comparison to bigger events and conferences held in London, numbering around 40-50 people at one time, this allowed it to be excellently open to conversations from everyone....

SatoshiPoint Bitcoin ATMs UK

More Bitcoin ATMs for the UK. Bitcoin now has multiple dedicated Bitcoin ATMs in London, allowing the public to buy and sell Bitcoin for cash. This makes London one of the leading cities for these machines globally. UK Bitcoin based startup SatoshiPoint has just announced the installation of three Robocoin ATMs that will be live from Friday, May 30th. To celebrate, they are throwing a Bitcoin bash. This official launch party will be on the same Friday at Old Street Tube location Nincomsoup, starting from 6pm. The Launch party will be in conjunction with Bitcoin POS XBTerminal, who is also....


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