Exclusive Q&A with BraveNewCoin: Home of Crypto

Exclusive Q&A with BraveNewCoin: Home of Crypto

BraveNewCoin is a cryptocurrency marketplace, but it goes deeper than that. For example, take a look at their price index: BraveNewCoin categorises cryptocurrencies into three main index groups; the BNC Index, BNC 2.0 and BNC Sovereign. Each is separately selectable for the BNC coin ranking table. But they go further than that, providing useful and relevant information such as Market Weighted Averages, Price Conversions, Fiat Exchange Rates, and Currency Conversion tools.

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Just like BraveNewCoin and CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko is another tool that I visit frequently when prospecting over potential coins to invest into whether that’s for a short term profit, or a long term possession. CoinGecko makes it easy for traders to manage their coins via a closed invite-only dashboard (which I’ll be looking at in a later article)that allows traders to view liquidity, exchange, prices for the current day, so on and so forth. For now they have 50+ coins, but I’m assuming they will add more as time goes on by. Regarding whom I’m talking to, I am honored to be talking to....

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BraveNewCoin (BNC), a cryptocurrencies technology analysis website, raised $400K in the first week on the BnkToTheFuture global online investment platform. The added capital will allow BNC to increase its services both to the website viewers and to subscribers. Brave New Coin, funded in January 2014 is a Data and Research company focused on the Blockchain and Digital Equities industry. By collecting, indexing and building reports on countless digital assets with their market and industry activities they help developers and investors make their choices when building infrastructures or....

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The early days of the internet was like this scary thing, all gambling, and porn and you couldn't even transact on there. And then nice walled gardens came along and made everyone quite comfortable with it, which may be like banks and financial institutions are doing now. But it kind of misses the point. The idea of the web and the internet is supposed to be open to everyone.

Paul Gordon, CEO of Quantave