Pump and Dumps: Good or Bad?

Pump and Dumps: Good or Bad?

When I see a coin in Poloniex or Bittrex go on a 400% rise, the first thing that comes to mind is when will the bubble pop. People must buy coins to increase the value, and whales alike must dump them at some point as well. Greed is the ultimate demise of everyone involved in the pumping of a coin. This was clearly showed by the likes of Wolong and Fontas which I will explain in detail in another article. Yet, is there a positive side to a coin getting pumped? Can a coin survive the dump that comes after the rise? It could! Lets see the positive and negative of the pumping effect: The coin....

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Is Bitcoin a Giant Pump and Dump?

After an evening of perusing the internets a post on reddit stuck out to me. “Bitcoin is being manipulated like other alt-coins” . The writer, mitchr4, goes on to explain that he is or has been an alt-coin trader for a while and has seen certain pump-and-dump patters emerge in the alt-coin industry. mitchr4 goes on draw parallels between the recent price spikes and downturns in the bitcoin market and the pump-and-dump nature of altcoins. mitchr4 goes on to explain how the pump and dump scheme works in bitcoin….

Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik on altcoins, ASICs and bitcoin usability

Last week, CoinDesk caught up with bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik about his perspective on Satoshi Nakamoto and the future of Bitcoin. This week, we reveal Garzik's thoughts on alternative digital currencies, ASIC miners, and getting everyday users on board for bitcoin. On altcoins. Some people do like the idea of including more features in the native protocol. Projects like Zerocoin have been looking for altcurrencies to adopt their technology for making a cryptocurrency truly anonymous, and when it comes to math-based currencies, Garzik is all for diversity. He's happy to see the....

Pump and Dump: Know the Signs when Trading Altcoins

Like penny stocks traded on the NYSE or those on pink sheets, cryptocurrency is a prime target for pump and dump scams. For those with buying power, it's an easy way to get rich quick by inflating the price. For everyone else, nine out of ten times, you will lose. This is one of several reasons people are afraid to trust Bitcoin. For those of you who don't know how the pump and dump works, it's fairly straight forward. They are also illegal in the market, though federal agencies do not actively protect Bitcoin users. Pump and dump scams involve two groups of people. First there are the....

Litecoin Will Not Hard Fork to Fend Off ASICs!

There has been a lot of rumors and speculation if coin developers of scrypt coins should hard fork their coins to try and block the influx of ASIC's and protect GPU mining. The development team for Litecoin has released a statement on theLitecoinTalk forum. While the Pro and Con lists can be long and convoluted, there are two main Pro's and Con's that I think of when I look at this issue. Litecoin. The Pro's of forking a coin would be GPU miners would not find their investments in their mining gear obsolete like they did when the SHA-256 ASICs hit the Bitcoin world. GPU rigs are costly,....

CloakCoin: ‘We Had to Do Everything from Scratch, Only the Name Has Stuck’

CoinTelegraph spoke with Cloak team member Cashmen about overcoming the initial pump and dump by the original team, resurrecting CloakCoin, transitioning from proof-of-work mining to proof-of-stake, and its upcoming "PoSA3" release. In mid-2014, the first wave of cryptocurrencies similar to bitcoin but with improved anonymization features came on the market. CLOAK or CloakCoin, was one of the first and most promising projects. The price of cloak shot up reaching nearly US$6 million in market capitalization and a price of US$11.5 dollars per cloak. “[In] the Cloak community remained only....


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