Kraken Aims to Take Mt. Gox’s place in Japan

Kraken Aims to Take Mt. Gox’s place in Japan

New bitcoin exchange Kraken has finally launched in Japan. Kraken aims to replaces the notorious Mt.Gox as the leader in bitcoin financial exchange industry, doing so in the very place Mt. Gox was based in. During the team’s recent announcement, security and complete trade compliance were mentioned several times. Kraken has had exceptional history in the past operating within the United States and European markets. With full compliance from Financial Services Authority. A spokesperson said this gave them the confidence to launch in Japan. Understandably Japanese bitcoin traders should be....

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Exclusive Interview with Jesse Powell CEO of Kraken Regarding Japanese Market

Kraken, a reputable Bitcoin exchange launched trading in Japan at the end of October. With the collapse of Mt. Gox, setting up a reputable and publicly trusted exchange in Japan is no easy task. Kraken has a great record of high transaction volumes as well as reputation for compliance with the law. Even though Kraken boasts credentials, months of work went into launching a regulated and publicly accepted Bitcoin exchange in Japan. Kraken is the only Japan Bitcoin exchange that allows local funding options. I got a chance to interviewKraken CEO Jesse Powell about the Japanese launch and....

MTGox Customers Will Be Able to Retrieve Their Funds

Today the Bitcoin community was presented with great News. It seems that MTGox customers will now be able to claim their lost Bitcoin. An MTGox trustee has opened a two-way process for customers who lost their funds. MtgGox customers will be able to initiate this process either through Kraken or through, a special MTGox platform created for this purpose only. The announcement suggests that customers can log-in into their Mt. Gox account at to make this claim, or they can attempt to claim via Kraken. Tthe Kraken exchange was last year selected by Mt. Gox’s....

Kraken Bitcoin Exchange Plans Expansion into Japan This Month

Kraken has quickly become an experimental crypto-currency trading engine with Lorem Ipsum text on its homepage to a major hub for bitcoin and altcoin trading in a little over a year. And they're just about ready to continue their massive growth. A Monday morning report from The Wall Street Journal indicates that Kraken is planning an expansion into Japan by the end of this month in a move that hopes to provide Japanese investors with a secure, trusted, and stable trading platform. According to Kraken chief executive officer Jesse Powell, there's an "overdue need for an exchange" in the....

Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Launches in Japan

Bitcoin exchange Kraken will launch in Japan today, aiming itself at the nation's large number of active traders and finance professionals. In its announcement, the company highlighted the strength of Kraken's security and engineering team, as well as its high trade volumes and reputation for compliance. Gaining public trust is a high priority for any bitcoin business planning to establish a Japanese base, given the local media's tendency to highlight the digital currency's association with Mt Gox and Silk Road. The new managing director of Kraken in Japan, Ayako Miyaguchi, told CoinDesk....

‘Malleability’ attacks not to blame for Mt. Gox’s missing bitcoins, study says

A study by Swiss researchers concludes that transaction malleability attacks could not have accounted for Mt. Gox’s missing millions. Fewer than 400 bitcoins could have been stolen from the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange using so-called transaction malleability attacks, according to A Swiss study, far less than the hundreds of thousands of bitcoins the company reported. The findings cast doubt on the failed exchange’s explanation of how it lost nearly half a billion dollars’ worth of the digital currency when it applied for bankruptcy protection in Tokyo on Feb. 28.


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