AlphaPoint announces partnership with Bitfinex.

AlphaPoint announces partnership with Bitfinex.

AlphaPoint announces partnership with Bitfinex. Las Vegas, Nevada – November 3rd at Money 2020 AlphaPoint, a white-label exchange platform, announced a strategic partnership with Bitfinex, a top bitcoin exchange by trading volume based out of Hong Kong. Bitfinex is adopting AlphaPoint’s platform as it’s backend in preparation for scaling to higher transaction volumes. The partnership was announced a day after the official launch of meXBT, a Mexican digital currencies exchange that is powered by the AlphaPoint platform.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform AlphaPoint Partners with Bitfinex to Support Growth

Today at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas, Bitcoin exchange platform AlphaPoint announced that Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex would begin using AlphaPoint's services to improve its backend technology. This news is huge for both AlphaPoint and Bitfinex, as well as all of Bitfinex's customers. The partnership will help Bitfinex manage their increasing volume and popularity as a Bitcoin exchange. Important Partnership. Bitfinex currently handles the third-highest volume out of all Bitcoin exchanges, so they should be considered a top exchange. This partnership is certainly a big move for....

Bitfinex Prepares for Bitcoin Trading Growth with New Back-End

Bitfinex has announced that it will seek to overhaul the back-end of its trading exchange through a new partnership with AlphaPoint. One of the top bitcoin exchanges by USD trading volume, Bitfinex is currently in beta, yet it already offers a number of advanced trading features including margin trading and tradeable mining contracts. The Hong Kong-based exchange said the partnership will help ensure its platform can scale to meet the growing international demand for bitcoin trading. Although notable for Bitfinex, the partnership also represents arguably the first major deal for....

AlphaPoint's ‘Million Transactions per Second’ Attracts Bitfinex Growth Partnership

Software provider AlphaPoint could very well be the most important Bitcoin company you’ve never heard of. After first making waves with the announcement of US$1.35 million in funding raised via VC firms and angel investors, they followed up by partnering with Bitfinex to run the Hong Kong-based exchange’s back-end technology. According to AlphaPoint CEO, Vadim Telyatnikov, this is just the start of their mission to become the world’s leading software platform for global Bitcoin exchanges. “[T]he interconnecting of Bitcoin exchanges accomplishes that where we can basically route the orders....

AlphaPoint Adopts Clef’s No-Password Two-Factor Authentication

In an attempt to make logins safe and easy, AlphaPoint has announced Clef’s no-password two-factor authentication for the exchanges built on the AlphaPoint platform. This move is expected to help the company gain more Bitcoin exchanges as clients. Currently, AlphaPoint provides the technological backend to approximately 20 Bitcoin exchanges. AlphaPoint believes that its partnership with Clef will enable its exchanges to accept Clef’s popular two-factor authentication solution. Currently, the company is providing services to some top companies, including Bitfinex, one of the world’s largest....

Australian Bitcoin Exchange DWVx Launches with Banking Support from Westpac

Australia-based Digital World Ventures exchange (DWVx) has launched a peer-to-peer Bitcoin brokerage through a partnership with the white-label currency exchange provider AlphaPoint. The exchange, founded by Ian Davis and James Clarke, hopes to bring a trusted and personal brand, as well as provide a state-of-the-art exchange, to Australia's Bitcoin scene. "We're very excited Digital World Ventures selected us as their technology partner", said Vadim Telyatnikov, CEO of AlphaPoint. "James and Ian are well-known experts in the community. We believe they have the right technical and....


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