Cryptocurrency Takes Money 20/20 by Storm

Cryptocurrency Takes Money 20/20 by Storm

Cryptocurrency Takes Money 20/20 by Storm. Las Vegas, Nevada – November 5 marks the end of Money 20/20, but the cryptocurrency presence in the world of finance is growing and getting stronger. Money 20/20 is the leading global event for innovation in money that sold out this year and had more than 7,500 attendees. Cryptocurrency was one of the six central themes of the conference. The six major payment themes were point of sale evolution, payment security, cryptocurrency, globalization of commerce, new credit models, and new partnerships and acquisitions.

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Money is a collective agreement. If enough people come to the same agreement, what they agree upon becomes secondary, whether it be farm animals, gold, diamonds, paper, or simply a code. History proves all these cases to be true. Who knows what the future is going suggest to us as money, once we see digital currencies as ordinary?

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