News Bits 10.11.2014

News Bits 10.11.2014

This is the weekly news bits of We inform you of the actual happenings of the cryptocurrency market. Hope Gold Coin, Festival of Hope and the Master Protocol. The Mastercoin Foundation has announced this week, that it will be supporting a great music and charity event: HOPE GOLD COIN, The Festival of Hope and the Master Protocol. It will be the largest live music and charity event in history, where a 100 charities will be introduced globally and that will benefit directly tens of millions of people around the world. The event is schedule to start on the 5th of September....

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KnCMiner Becomes Latest Bitcoin Company to Embrace 'Bits'

KnCMiner has become the latest bitcoin company to join the ecosystem's ongoing debate over how bitcoin prices should be displayed. The Sweden-based bitcoin mining company announced on Twitter today that it will now allow users the option to view bitcoin prices in bits on its KnC Wallet app. Added denomination "bit" in mobile #Bitcoin wallet. Switch 2 bits & feel richer automagically: - KNC Miner (@kncminer) August 26, 2014. The news plays into a growing debate on how bitcoin's value should be expressed in order to best appeal to mainstream....

Bitcoinist News Bits 12.01.15

You’re watching news bits, the weekly informing program of Bitcoinist. Let’s see what happened on the market this week. Thank you for watching. Stay tuned because next week we’re gonna cover the Miami Bitcoin conference with exciting summaries, interviews and predictions. Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels. Lookin forward to see you next week!

News Bits on: Rakuten will accept bitcoin,BIT,Bitcoin Nanosatellites

In this weeks News Bits: – E-commerce giant Rakuten will Accept Bitcoin. – BIT to be the first publicly traded bitcoin fund. – Bitcoin nano satellites up space in 2016.

Facebook, Meet Bitcoin and Get Bits

On July 17, BitPay announced the launch of Get Bits, a simple solution to Get bitcoins anywhere in the world. If "What is a Bitcoin?" is the number one question asked, perhaps "How do I get a Bitcoin?" is the second most asked. Buying bitcoins is one of the biggest hurdles to getting started; that's why BitPay created Get Bits. Get Bits lets you give and receive bitcoins to your friends through your Facebook. BitPay is a payment provider used by both Newegg and TigerDirect amount others. Its strongest competitor is Coinbase, which has just picked up Dell as its newest and largest partner.....

Video: Roundup of This Week's Bitcoin News 9th May 2014

Some good news from America, and (unsurprisingly) some more bad news from China. Find out what's happened in the world of digital currencies this past week. BitPay plans to display prices in bits: The Georgia-based merchant processor BitPay has announced plans to display BTC prices in bits. The company's move follows a community discussion about bitcoin's current denominations being too complex for mainstream users. Vaurum raises $4m in seed funding: Bitcoin trading platform Vaurum has raised $4m in funding from a group of investors including former AOL CEO Steve Case and venture....