Patrick Murck Executive Director, Bitcoin Foundation on CNN Talks About Bitstamp Hack

Patrick Murck Executive Director, Bitcoin Foundation on CNN Talks About Bitstamp Hack

Patrick Murck joined Quest Means Business to discuss the security concerns over bitcoin from on Vimeo. Patrick Murck discusses on CNN the Bitstamp hot wallet hack and how exchanges are doing better despite the hack in protecting customer funds. He also illustrates that this is not a MtGox type situation as well as how far we have come in digital security.

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The Bitcoin Foundation's new executive director Patrick Murck has outlined his priorities for the organization's "new direction" and its relationship with stakeholders. His statement follows yesterday's resignation of former executive director Jon Matonis both from the post and his position on foundation's board. Notably, former general counsel Murck acknowledged a need to repair the foundation's relationship with the bitcoin community, even if that meant sometimes adopting unpopular or controversial positions on some issues, and taking risks with communication and transparency to....

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Announced today: the Bitcoin Foundation's Executive Director, Mr. Jon Matonis, will be stepping down from his position at the Foundation effective tomorrow (October 31st). His resignation expands to his board seat, which he will step down from on the 31st of December. The seat will be open for the upcoming board election. Stepping into his place as Executive Director is the Foundation's General Counsel, Mr. Patrick Murck. This will also leave open a space for the General Counsel position at the Foundation. "Leading the Bitcoin Foundation has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Merging....

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