DBS Blockchain Hackathon

DBS Blockchain Hackathon

“ARE YOU A BLOCKCHAIN ENTHUSIAST, A HARD-CORE CODER, A DESIGNER OR JUST A HACKATHON OBSESSOR? IF SO, JOIN THE DBS BLOCKCHAIN HACK FOR AN INNOVATIVE TWO DAYS OF EXCLUSIVE BLOCKCHAIN CHALLENGES AND API ACCESS FROM TOP FINANCIAL INSTITUTES – AND SOME SERIOUS HACKING.” If you visit the DBS Blockchain Hackathon web page, this is exactly what you are greeted with. The hackathon will have a meeting on April 16, 2015 to where attendees can discus ideas and get acquainted with one another. The main event will be on May 8-May 9 — 48 hours of pure blockchain innovation.

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Miami Bitcoin Hackathon to Take Place January 9th-11th

A hackathon is an event in which computer programmers come together to build things, often in teams. Hackathons are generally 24 hours long or longer, and they sometimes have a specific focus. Bitcoin is often used in hackathons, such as at Money20/20's hackathon which focused on finance, where a few Bitcoin companies offered their APIs to hackers for projects. From January 9th to 11th, a Hackathon will focus on Bitcoin: the Miami Bitcoin Hackathon. Also read: Bitcoin Found Its Way to McDonald's London Hackathon. The Hackathon will take place from January 9th to 11th in Miami, and is....

First Ever Blockchain Hackathon to be Held in Dublin

Blockchain or bitcoin's distributed public ledger has been touted as one of the next biggest potential disruptions in technology, so much so that developers are organizing the first ever blockchain hackathon to be held in Dublin, Ireland. The event aims to gather developers and tech enthusiasts to build something new or game-changing. Participants will have 50 hours to build a blockchain product from scratch, competing with 150 other people for the first prize of €5,000, the second prize of €2,000, and the third prize of €1,000. The product pitch should take no more than 30 seconds and....

HackCoin: Bitcoin Hackathon in India Sponsored by Microsoft, IBM and Citruspay

Zone Startups India, BitStreet and Block Chain University are hosting India's first bitcoin hackathon at the Bombay Stock Exchange in India named "HackCoin Mumbai." The hackathon will be joined by over a hundred developers looking to build blockchain-based applications for payments, big data and digital experience. "There are three problem statements - one for each theme," explained Ajay Ramasubramanian, project head of Zone Startups India. "There are possibilities for the winning outputs to be rolled out into full-scale projects." The hackathon is sponsored by Microsoft, IBM and....

CargoChain: The ‘Disruptive Force’ in Global Trade Wins Deloitte’s Hackathon

Bitcoin has many innovative attributes just waiting to be unleashed to the public. One of them is how the blockchain could help shape the future of industrial trade by recording activity with more precision and taking quite a bit third party costs out of the equation. Recently, during the first week of January, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and Deloitte hosted the Shanghai Blockchain Hackathon with participants hacking away for prizes. Bitcoin.com got together with Dominik Schiener, who won a$30,000 1st prize at the event for his CargoChain project. Bitcoin.com spoke with Schiener to give our....

Bitcoin Billboard Wins Tel Aviv Hackathon

Over 20 hours of hacking at the Decentralize This! hackathon in Tel Aviv has resulted in the creation of bitcoin's own Million Dollar Homepage - among many other interesting projects. From Thursday evening until far into Friday afternoon, over 50 programmers spent more than 20 hours brainstorming, conceptualizing and coding at the first Decentralize This! hackathon in the city's Lool Venture Capital offices. The event was the biggest bitcoin-related hackathon organized in this growing Middle Eastern bitcoin hub to date, with 14 teams building original bitcoin applications in less than a....


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