Safello Exchange Unveils Bitcoin Wallet Service

Safello Exchange Unveils Bitcoin Wallet Service

When it comes to explaining bitcoin to a novice user, you will eventually run into the problem of finding a suitable bitcoin wallet for them to use. There are plenty of good wallets out there, but wouldn’t it be easier if they could use an exchange wallet to begin with? However, considering that several bitcoin exchanges have been hacked over the past few months, storing your coins in an exchange wallet might not seem like a good idea. Swedish Bitcoin exchange Safello hopes to change that.

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Exclusive: An Interview with Frank Schuil of Safello

Recently, we had an opportunity to interview Frank Schuil, the CEO and founder of Safello. Frank is a seasoned entrepreneur who has founded numerous and guess what, he is/has been a rapper too! Safello is a leading bitcoin platform based out of Sweden. Safello offers a unique exchange and wallet service to its customers. People can buy, sell or store bitcoins on the platform. We asked Frank a set of questions about Safello, and future of bitcoin, and this is what he had to say. Gautham: Can you please tell us a bit about Safello? Frank: Safello was founded in July 2013. Since then, it has....

Exchange Platform Safello Demonstrates Sweden's First Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin exchange Safello will unveil Sweden's first bitcoin ATM next week, after announcing their work on the Lamassu machine just three weeks ago. The ATM will be on display next Monday at Stockholm's STHLM TECH Meetup - converting users' cash into bitcoin and depositing it in their wallet addresses. For now, the machine is operating in Safello's office while the company puts the finishing touches to its service. It will move to a more permanent location soon. "We are in discussion with a big mall in the centre of Stockholm. We aim to cooperate with them for the first ATM deployment,"....

Safello Announces Social Media-Inspired Bitcoin Wallet

Safello is now allowing users to request invitations to its newly launched bitcoin wallet service. For the release, the Sweden-based bitcoin services company will leverage Blockchain's API, though its wallet service will build upon Blockchain's basic offering, adding an additional social layer that will allow users to easily search for other users with whom they've previously transacted. The news was released during a panel session at Sthlm Tech Fest, a Sweden-based conference featuring top talent from the payments world such as Stripe and iZettle alongside bitcoin companies such as....

Safello Launches First ATM in Stockholm, Sweden

Last week, we reported on a start-up company by the name of Safello, that was working on a new bitcoin ATM. It was noted that Safello was essentially still scouting around for locations, but the company has seemingly found a place to do business. The Safello bitcoin ATM is reported located just outside the Hilton Slussen Hotel in Stockholm. As one would expect, the ATM is able to turn traditional fiat currency into digital currency using Safello's bitcoin exchange and vice-versa. The goal? Bridge the gap between the world of digital currency and fiat currency in one seamless transaction.....

Safello Launches Free Bitcoin Fundraising Service for Charities

Swedish bitcoin exchange Safello has launched a new service for charities that enables them to easily create free fundraising campaigns. The exchange says the new pages offer a new way of donating money that allows charities to receive 100% of donated funds. All donations show up in real-time in the transaction stream and the funding goal is updated automatically. Safello says the new service will enable small, local charities to create a global fundraising campaign in mere minutes. Free fundraising tool. Frank Schuil, co-founder and CEO of Safello said the new donation pages demonstrate....


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