Ribbit.me Forms Strategic Alliance With Card Capture International, LLC to Integrate Blockchain-Based RibbitRewards Into Its Expansive Merchant Services Platform

Ribbit.me Forms Strategic Alliance With Card Capture International, LLC to Integrate Blockchain-Based RibbitRewards Into Its Expansive Merchant Services Platform

Ribbit.me, the creator of RibbitRewards, the world's first rewards program based on blockchain technology and with its own marketplace, today announced a strategic partnership for Card Capture International DBA Cocard to serve as a merchant processor on Marketplace.life and to incorporate Ribbit.me's blockchain-based RibbitRewards program into its payment processing portfolio.

Key Facts

  • RibbitRewards™ is the first rewards program based on blockchain technology (patent pending), the same technology Bitcoin uses.
  • Card Capture International can now position to seamlessly offer RibbitRewards to both merchants and consumers through its credit and debit processing channels.
  • Ribbit.me is set to launch Marketplace.life™, the first-ever p2p marketplace where buyers and sellers earn RibbitRewards for each transaction, with Card Capture International's merchant services accepting major credit cards.

Marketplace.life is an eBay-like, p2p marketplace where merchants and shoppers benefit from the convenience of using one rewards program for all of their purchases, while earning RibbitRewards for each transaction. The marketplace is easy and free for all to use, accepting all major currencies, both fiat and digital. A percentage of RibbitRewards go to buyers, sellers and to charity.

"Card Capture's expansive merchant base is an ideal entry point for mainstreaming our rewards program built on blockchain technology," said Sean Dennis, Ribbit.me CEO.

"The RibbitRewards program has the potential to save billions of dollars a year across the rewards industry from operating efficiencies, consolidating rewards onto one platform and taking it off balance sheet. We are excited for Card Capture International to be among the first to realize these benefits."

"We are pleased to embark down this innovative path with Ribbit.me and believe our investment in their success will have long term financial benefits for our merchants," said Elan Bennett, Card Capture International Owner.

"The team at Ribbit.me is comprised of progressive and forward thinkers with sound financial backgrounds in payments, banking and technology. Taking this step with them puts us on the forefront of what is now almost certain to become the future underpinning of all rewards programs."

Ribbit.me is developing a retail plug-in and mobile app so that RibbitRewards can be earned on any merchant platform.

Watch for signs that say "Earn RibbitRewards Here" to appear in retail shopping outlets soon.

About Ribbit.me

Ribbit.me! USA is a U.S.-based Corp. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1817, NY, NY 10159.

For more information about RibbitRewards, visit http://www.ribbit.me/

You can also follow us on Facebook http://facebook.com/Ribbit.me/ and http://facebook.com/Marketplace.life/ and Twitter @RibbitRewards

Video Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_09gwWKfvk

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