Surprise gift of 24-karat gold coin at MinersCenter

Surprise gift of 24-karat gold coin at MinersCenter

After receiving such positive feedback and being so appreciated by its clients, the gold coin offered as a special gift for transactions of 10+ BTC is back into Miners Center holidays offer, for the next couple of weeks, up to the 31st of December, 2015, only now it is offered for any transaction exceeding 5 BTC.

Although the company is offering plenty incentives for its clients, the gold coin offered back in November was the best received gift the company has added to its offer. Miners Center has launched their last promotion for the holidays, valid up to 31st of December 2015: a 24-karat gold coin engraved with Bitcoin on it for any transaction amounting more than 5 BTC, along with their so far standard bonus of 10% more than the market's official rate and the several additional premiums and gifts for volume business: physical Bitcoin wallet and instant bank transfer for large transactions.


Standard bonus of 10% more than the market's official rate and:
5+ BTC (24-karat gold coin, engraved with Bitcoin);
10 + BTC (physical bitcoin wallet or 24-karat gold coin);
15+ BTC (physical bitcoin wallet or 24-karat gold coin and instant bank transfer);
20+ BTC (physical bitcoin wallet or 24-karat gold coin + 3% and instant bank transfer);
30+ BTC (physical bitcoin wallet or 24-karat gold coin +5% and instant bank transfer);
50+ BTC (physical bitcoin wallet or 24-karat gold coin +8% and instant bank transfer).

A visit to reveals a cleanly-designed website that is easy to use, making Bitcoin transactions quick and easy. Users only need to enter their email address, and bank or PayPal information and they will be ready to take advantage of this new promotional offer.

Aside from the main page, they also offer a news section and frequently asked questions, which can help new users discover the relevance and importance of Bitcoin, and the subtleties of the trading process. Any further questions on the website can be answered in real time by staff.

Rates are updated constantly, following current market trends, for the most accurate information. Combined with knowledgeable staff and a regularly updated news page, this gives Miners Center the edge over competitors in the field by offering a depth of market knowledge that is unrivaled.

Miners Center is currently purchasing Bitcoins so any interested sellers should visit their website as soon as possible for the best deals.

Miners Center

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If you look back in history in terms of financial bubbles, they always end. It's going to be a very rough ride for guys that invest in Bitcoin for speculative purposes.

Alistair Cotton, Senior analyst with Currencies Direct