Brawker Makes Buying Bitcoin and Buying With Bitcoin Easier Than Ever

Brawker Makes Buying Bitcoin and Buying With Bitcoin Easier Than Ever

From parking tickets to electric and other utility bills, our customers are buying all kinds of things with Bitcoin, and getting a discount on their purchases in the process. We’re excited to give Bitcoin buyers an opportunity to get a great deal, too.

Brawker is the first online marketplace that enables users to buy anything online with Bitcoin and easily purchase Bitcoin from other users with a credit card or Paypal account. Users from around the world can connect to make everyday transactions and buy Bitcoin with ease, bringing the security and reliability of Bitcoin to regular consumers who want a simple eCommerce experience.

Yesterday, somebody became the first person ever to pay for a parking ticket with Bitcoin - and because of Brawker’s discount feature, he saved 10% on his fine. Other Brawker users are paying for utility bills, electronics, food and other common (and not so common) items. Brawker made headlines recently when CEO Cyril Houri used it to purchase a supposedly un-buyable book with Bitcoin, as reported by Crypto Coin News.

“People can spend their Bitcoin on anything available online with Brawker, and they have,” said Houri. “From parking tickets to electric and other utility bills, our customers are buying all kinds of things with Bitcoin, and getting a discount on their purchases in the process. We’re excited to give Bitcoin buyers an opportunity to get a great deal, too.”

With Brawker, Bitcoin spenders create orders and specify what percentage discount they want to receive, from 0% to 20%. The discount is a premium that favors the spender, on the current exchange rate between Bitcoin and various currencies. A Bitcoin buyer purchasing an order with a discount greater than zero (positive) will acquire fewer bitcoins than with zero discount, and the new counter offer feature enables them to negotiate the exchange rate. Discounts act as incentives for people to spend Bitcoin, while Bitcoin buyers benefit substantially by participating in simple, hassle-free transactions to acquire Bitcoin using a credit card or PayPal account.

A Bitcoin owner wanting to purchase any online product or service from a company can create an order on Brawker by listing that item - then, the Bitcoin owner places sufficient bitcoins to cover the item's price in escrow.

Bitcoin buyers find the orders with a price matching the amount of bitcoins they want to purchase. Then they bid on the orders with the option to make a counter offer on the discount to the spender, and the Bitcoin spender chooses a buyer for his or her order. After the buyer with the winning bid purchases the order and the transaction is complete, the bitcoins are released from escrow and sent to the buyer’s account.

“The inspiration to create Brawker struck us back in 2010 after hearing about how Laszlo Hanyecz used Bitcoin to buy a pizza,” said Brawker CEO Cyril Houri. “We decided to make that cumbersome process as easy as a regular eCommerce site, and we’re proud to be able to show people how easy it is to buy bitcoins, as well as to buy with Bitcoin online.”


Founded in 2013, Brawker is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin and buy with Bitcoin on the web.

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