Brand New Condos in Arizona Bought with Bitcoin

Brand New Condos in Arizona Bought with Bitcoin

Villa Rialto Condominiums announced today that effective immediately, they will begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for their brand new condos in Mesa, becoming one of first and largest subdivisions in the Phoenix metro area to do so.

“Arizona is such a fantastic place to be right now,” said Villa Rialto Marketing and Sales Manager, Dean Selvey.

“We’re seeing Bitcoin evolve into a legitimate digital currency for online and offline purchases and it gives our buyers a private, alternative payment method that’s as unique as our condominiums.”

Anyone who already has a Bitcoin wallet will find doing a transaction extremely easy, whether for a small down payment or for the entire purchase amount. Of course, Villa Rialto will still offer financing through their preferred lender, Homeowners Financial Group, and continue to accept all other traditional payment methods as well.

Condo buyers will be able to choose from seven popular floor plans like the Capri (154.1 Bitcoin/ $144,900 USD), the Sorrento (157.3 Bitcoin / $147,900 USD) or the Pisa (164.8 Bitcoin / $154,900 USD) with sizes ranges from 950 sq. ft. to over 1,550 in the largest units.

For a complete model list or to schedule a tour of the property, visit Villa Rialto online at or phone (800) 968-7108.

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