TutorTeddy- The College Homework Help and Statlance - Leader in Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis- Accepting Bitcoin - the p2p Digital Currency

TutorTeddy- The College Homework Help and Statlance - Leader in Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis- Accepting Bitcoin - the p2p Digital Currency

TutorTeddy.Com and Statlance.com have announced today that they have started accepting Bitcoin since 20th of December 2013. Bitcoin is a cyber currency with deflationary characteristics. It also has a lower transaction fee, however, very volatile compared to fiat currencies.

College students will be able to use Bitcoin in addition to different credit cards, Google wallet, and Paypal. TutorTeddy.com and Statlance.com have taken all possible measures to protect the interest of its customers who use Bitcoins as a method of payment.

College students needing tutoring help in Statistics, Probability, Accounting, Economics or Finance can send their questions for free help by visiting:

http://tutorteddy.com/site/free_statistics_help.php for statistics help
http://tutorteddy.com/free_accounting_homework_help.php for accounting help
http://tutorteddy.com/free_finance_homework_help.php for finance help
http://tutorteddy.com/free_economics_homework_help.php for economics help
http://statlance.com/ for bigger statistics or other abstract projects

Once Tutorteddy or Statlance receive the questions, they solve one problem free of charge (certain restriction applies). Free help with difficult college problems like this is very uncommon in the e-tutoring industry. For the rest of the problems, they can pay using Bitcoin or other conventional methods.

About TutorTeddy and Statlance

Tutorteddy and Statlance are leaders in providing Statistics, Finance, Accounting or Economics help to college students or professionals at an affordable price.

Tutorteddy: http://tutorteddy.com/

Statlance: http://statlance.com/

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