AvaTrade Now Becomes the Most Popular Bitcoin Trading Services Provider

AvaTrade Now Becomes the Most Popular Bitcoin Trading Services Provider

Earlier this year, AvaTrade launched Bitcoin trading services for traders and became one of the leading brokerage firms to provide the services. AvaTrade, a pretty large brokerage firm, was welcomed by traders from around the world as it was the first time that the size of AvaTrade brokerage firm was offering Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin trading is made easy and fast at AvaTrade with the help of user-friendly trading platform. ForexMinute, an online portal that brings Forex brokers’ reviews and Bitcoin news, says that although AvaTrade doesn’t offer the breadth of features offered by most other top Forex brokers, it is its bonuses and attractive returns that attract traders.

Free Demo Account

The reviewer at ForexMinute says that AvaTrade offers free demo trading account which is unlimited in time and can allow traders to practice for as long as they deem necessary.

Thus, traders with no experience can first try their hand in demo account before actual trading or actual trading account at AvaTrade.

Apart from bringing demo trading account, AvaTrade also offers a small learning center which according to the company sources aims to offer basic information about how Forex trading works.

Excellent Customer Care Services

The source at AvaTrade says that the primary advantage of this abridged educational center is that traders are able to access the required information without much hassle. Additionally, AvaTrade offers excellent customer service via email, chat and phone.

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