VPSHostingDeal.com Now Accepting Bitcoin for Cheap VPS Hosting

VPSHostingDeal.com Now Accepting Bitcoin for Cheap VPS Hosting

Web programmers, web designers and other web aficionados wishing to buy cheap VPS hosting with Bitcoins now have another hosting provider to choose from. VPS Hosting Deal (http://www.vpshostingdeal.com/) announced today that it is now accepting transactions in Bitcoin, making it another VPS hosting provider that now accepts the Internet-based digital currency that is starting to make its way into the mainstream online retail industry.

"Once you learn a bit about Bitcoin, how it works, its ease of use, and so on--it's much easier for us to accept payment in Bitcoin than by credit card," said Jeff Michaels, an account representative from VPS Hosting Deal. "Our customers have demanded it, the transaction costs are low and protection against fraud is easier. It's a win-win for everyone involved."

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 as an alternative currency used mainly for internet transactions, but its precise origins remain something of a mystery. Since then its value has risen sharply, from about $30 per Bitcoin around this time last year, to a recent high of just over $1,000 per Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer online financial network and a digital currency (that also goes by the name Bitcoin). There's no middle man with Bitcoin. Instead, Bitcoin payments are sent over the network directly from sender to receiver and the management of the transactions is carried out by the collectively by the network.

"We're happy to support Bitcoin and we hope to see its use grow over time," commented Jeff.

About VPSHostingDeal

VPSHostingDeal is a division of Reprise Hosting that specializes in Linux and Windows self-managed cheap VPS hosting solutions. With proven 99.9% uptime and plans starting at just $1 per month, VPSHostingDeal is the undisputed best-value leader amongst VPS hosting providers.

VPSHostingDeal: http://www.vpshostingdeal.com/

About Reprise Hosting

Reprise Hosting is a hosting provider based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and specializes in best value cPanel VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting solutions.

Reprise Hosting; http://www.reprisehosting.com/

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