Bitcoin Exchange “Hitbtc” Launches February 14th after $3M Investment

Bitcoin Exchange “Hitbtc” Launches February 14th after $3M Investment

With a $3M investment from a group of Israeli investors, the Hitbtc Exchange launches Friday, Feb. 14. The platform replicates the features of world-renowned exchanges, such as NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE.

The platform’s easy registration and clutter-less user interface will satisfy the needs of novice and professional traders alike. It offers effortless trading of the BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, LTC/USD and LTC/EUR currency pairs. Business accounts and market makers will be offered various incentives and premium market data services. A free tool offered to all users is the unique newsfeed ticker, which is constantly updated from various sources. The platform’s responsiveness and high-availability has already picked-up among several brokerage firms who have expressed an interest in developing desktop and mobile trading applications.

In view of recent security breaches in the Bitcoin world, the platform’s developers spared no expense or effort to offer the best protection to customers. The website is protected by state of the art cryptography, passes FIPS validation and offers two-factor authentication. Customers can rest assured that the exchange is vigilant about suspicious user behavior and fully compliant with AML guidelines. 24/7 customer service is available and ready to solve all issues related to the functioning of the exchange.

Presently, the exchange is only available in English but will soon be translated to French, German, Spanish and Chinese, to support its growing user base. The developers have announced other goodies such as the BTCX and VIX indices to help users develop trading strategies. The Hitbtc team has also agreed to introduce any features requested by a fair number of users.

More details about the Hitbtc Exchange available at:

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