Bitcoin Payment Company BitSend Launches GPS Check-in Cryptocurrency Checkcoin CKC

Bitcoin Payment Company BitSend Launches GPS Check-in Cryptocurrency Checkcoin CKC

Netherlands based Bitcoin payment company BitSend has developed disruptive social cryptocurrency Checkcoin; geared to social media users who “check-in” at locations worldwide.

“Checking in” at locations using social media throughout the day is a worldwide phenomenon, and several cryptocurrency enthusiasts in The Netherlands have created new cryptocurrency Checkcoin (CKC) targeting this trend. BitSend, the company behind Checkcoin specializes in Bitcoin payment processing solutions and making cryptocurrencies accessible to ordinary people worldwide. Over the last year the BitSend team has helped many merchants and businesses embrace cryptocurrency using both hardware and software Bitcoin payment solutions.

Like other cryptocurrencies, Checkcoin is a blockchain based medium of exchange that is electronically created and stored. Checkcoin however has many more features: using Checkcoin Mobile users are able to reward each other by discovering great places around the globe. Locations and discoveries are created as “CheckPoints” with a gps-based geolocation created through their Checkpoint Platform. When someone else “checks in” at this location with their mobile phone, they are rewarded with Checkcoins.

Checkcoin brings something new to the table. It’s about discovering new places, exploring the world, and rewarding others for doing the same. For both a traveller setting off on a trip around the world, or a business owner looking for a new marketing tool to attract new customers – Checkcoin is the perfect companion.

The following video illustrates the full potential of Checkcoin and its many uses:

BitSend announced Checkcoin with an ICO (initial coin offering) hosted by cryptocurrency exchange C-Cex. People enjoy visiting new places, meeting new people and sharing new experiences – many shares of Checkcoins were sold. In less than a month all Checkcoins (14 million out of 100 million total) were sold for a total of 140 Bitcoin. These funds will be used for further development, testing and promotion of Checkcoin in future.

While Checkcoin’s ICO was held at C-Cex, several other cryptocurrency exchanges now list CKC trading pairs; including Bter, Cryptsy, Bittrex and Bleutrade listing CKC/BTC trading markets.

Due to being listed on so many cryptocurrency exchanges, more people are learning about Checkcoin and CKC’s market cap has been growing steadily to approximately $100 000 USD. Checkcoin is currently trading above the initial ICO price of a few months ago.

Backed by an established Bitcoin company active in The Netherlands, and targeting disruptive social media and “check-in” trends: Checkcoin is a cryptocurrency with many plans for the future. The BitSend team is still actively developing Checkcoin core infrastructure – with Checkcoin Platform and Checkcoin Mobile currently scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2015.

To learn more about Checkcoin please go to:

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