BRS Media’s dotFM Offers Special One Year Anniversary Bitcoin Deal

BRS Media’s dotFM Offers Special One Year Anniversary Bitcoin Deal

BRS Media, a diverse and growing media e-commerce firm that assists traditional and interactive media companies build and brand on the power of the Internet, today announced that dotFM, the .FM Top-Level Domain Registry, is offering a 10% special discount on all new domain registrations, using Bitcoin as payment on the retail website

dotFM began accepting Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer digital currency, in February 2014 and the response has been tremendous. Offering cryptocurrency provides our clients with an innovative payment network and a new kind of currency for purchasing domain names.

“As one of the first domain registries to support, and accept cryptocurrency as a form of digital payment, we are excited to offer this Bitcoin Special,” remarked George T. Bundy, Chairman & CEO of BRS Media Inc.

"In our first year of offering the digital currency, Bitcoin has been a huge success and has become widely accepted. The cryptocurrency is another great example of how innovative tools benefit our domain registrant clients.”

The Bitcoin Special Offer applies to the purchase of 'multimedia' and generic domains available on the dotFM website; Including .FM, .AM, .TV and the new & Global Domains. As well as Premium .FM [] and & Domains [].

BRS Media pioneered the 'multimedia' domain space since launching the .FM Top Level Domain in 1998. For over 17 years, dotFM has provided the marketplace with a professional, reliable, secure and stable 'Industry Specific' domain extension, while at the same time encouraging innovation, openness and creativity in the unparalleled multimedia namespace. Some of the world's most innovative .FM brands include:,,,,,,,, among thousands more.

About BRS Media Inc

Based in the South of Market district (SoMa) of San Francisco CA, BRS Media ( was established in 1995, and is celebrating 20 years Online, featured as one of the fastest growing privately held companies by the SF Business Times and Inc. Magazine for five consecutive years. Its portfolio of leading online properties includes: dotFM® & dotAM®, spotlighting Domain Innovation and Brand Registry Services for media based .FM and .AM domains; &, Radio’s First Innovative Domain Extensions (TLDs) and &, free and premium Web-based Email Services; dotFM and dotAM are registered trademarks of BRS Media, Inc.

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