$670 000 VC Investment In Licensed Bitcoin Gaming Platform Betkurus, Now Offering World’s First Instant Bitcoin-To-Fiat Deposits

$670 000 VC Investment In Licensed Bitcoin Gaming Platform Betkurus, Now Offering World’s First Instant Bitcoin-To-Fiat Deposits

Following $670 000 VC investment in parent company DigitalSport Entertainment by Hong Kong-based payments provider CoinMatrix – leading licensed Bitcoin gaming platform Betkurus.com has launched revolutionary instant Bitcoin-to-fiat deposits.

Launched in October 2014 by Curacao-based DigitalSport Entertainment; Betkurus.com is one of the few licensed Bitcoin gaming platforms in the world. Betkurus provides next generation gaming experiences including live casino games, a binary options platform, and online sportsbook with live video streaming for more than 10 sports. Betkurus is pleased to announce the launch of instant bitcoin-to-fiat deposits made possible by a partnership with Hong Kong-based payments provider CoinMatrix. DigitalSport Entertainment N.V. has raised $670,000 from CoinMatrix to develop its product line in an effort to gain significant share of the Bitcoin gaming market; estimated to be worth $320 million globally in 2015.

Coinmatrix’s payment platform converts BTC into USD and other fiat currencies automatically in real time, allowing customers to maintain their account balance, and bet in the currency of their choice. Betkurus is the first Bitcoin gaming operator in the world to offer this feature; giving players the near instant, no bank account needed benefits of Bitcoin combined with the price stability of fiat, if they so choose.

Recent observations show playing in cryptocurrency is still not accepted by the bulk of players who are used to wagering specific amounts in their national currencies. This is not an obstacle for players anymore who enjoy the convenience of a Bitcoin deposit, while still playing in USD for example.

Betkurus.com provides the largest volume of sports events in over 50 different sports covering more than 20 000 in-play events every month – so far unprecedented on the Bitcon sportsbetting market. Betkurus.com also provides a wide range of other services including a full spectrum of casino games; including Live Casino, Live Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat in real time with real players.

Not declared a currency, Bitcoin is perfect fit for online gaming in most grey markets like Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and Columbia hence it is growing it popularity in the global gaming market. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies promise to reshape the iGaming industry worldwide as predicted by former Bitcoin Foundation director Jon Matonis; he stated recently that within 5 years at least half of the top 10 online gaming companies will be Bitcoin only.

With recent $670 000 investment from payments company CoinMatrix in Betkurus’s parent company DigitalSport Entertainment, and the unprecedented Bitcoin-To-Fiat deposit function already available; Bitcoin sportsbook Betkurus.com is truly at the cutting edge of Bitcoin and gaming technology.

About DigitalSport Entertainment

DigitalSport Entertainment was founded in 2014 at the dawn of the Bitcoin gaming era, with the sole objective of seizing the disruptive opportunities Bitcoin has now made available to the online gaming industry.

For more information about DigitalSport Entertainment please visit: http://www.betkurus.com/

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