DigitalTangible Relaunches as Serica to Deliver Global Physical Asset Trading Platform

DigitalTangible Relaunches as Serica to Deliver Global Physical Asset Trading Platform

DigitalTangible Inc, a decentralized gold, precious metals and bitcoin exchange rebrands under a new company name to broaden its investment platform offerings to global traders, investors, and merchants. Serica launches with a broader mission to provide smooth trading of any valuable, physical asset and digital money, in ways that were considered impossible or extremely difficult before today.

Serica’s rebrand coincides with upcoming launches of its newest product offerings linking bitcoins, the bitcoin blockchain technology, to valuable, physical assets around the world. Serica’s broadened ability to trade assets beyond precious metals includes new verticals such as real estate, soft commodities, and even farmland. Serica also establishes new and faster trading ramps for United States retirement and alternative asset investors who seek access to untapped trading markets uncorrelated to today’s equities and commodities markets.

Serica allows its customers fast, transparent, and secure control of their valuable hard assets, anywhere in the world while lowering investment and portfolio management costs via its patent-pending Proof of Custody. Serica’s exchange platform gives asset traders, investors, and merchants the power to convert their hard asset rights into digital money, globally transmittable and available for settlements and payments.

Serica Founder and CEO, Taariq Lewis, outlines his company’s motives for the new brand positioning:

“The name Serica is derived from the Greek word Ceres and means people of the land where silk comes from. Our customers want to execute smooth, fast trades in all possible tangible asset classes. We continue to improve our platform to deliver smooth and fast hard asset trades that are unmatched anywhere else.”

About Serica

Serica is a decentralized physical asset and bitcoin trading platform that leverages the blockchain software technology to trade physical asset rights, globally. The company’s innovative platform helps asset traders, investors, and merchants trade and settle physical asset transactions in under an hour, anywhere in the world.


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