UPDATE: CoinCard, The World’s First Crypto-Based Credit Card Met With Strong Response at Launch

UPDATE: CoinCard, The World’s First Crypto-Based Credit Card Met With Strong Response at Launch

CoinCard is a bitcoin credit card unprecedented in the cryptocurrency space. The first 1 000 customers Receive Limited Edition, No Fee Cards.

Cryptocurrencies are evolving as a payment type throughout the world, serving primarily as a peer-to-peer method of conducting financial transactions and as payment device. However, the role and use of cryptocurrencies as mainstream payment for goods or services, whether on- or off-line, has yet to gain widespread adoption. With the help of the Crypto Private Investors Group, CoinCard, the world’s first ever crypto-based credit card will be launching in July 2015. Early adopters of cryptocurrencies will be able to pre-order a card and the first 1,000 applicants will be able to take advantage of a limited edition card where all transactions fees, with exception of the annual fee, are waived. The goal of CPIG is to foster adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide and the launch of CoinCard is a path towards fulfilling that goal.

CoinCard experienced outstanding response with more than 100 cards being reserved within the first hours of being made available.

CoinCard Basic is designed to function as a debit card. CoinCard Elite can work either as a higher utility, lower fee debit or credit card. Whether debit or credit card, both CoinCards can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Like all MasterCard branded products, all insurance, warranty and affinity programs exist on the CoinCard Basic or Elite products. Provision for Visa and American Express version are currently being considered.

What distinguishes CoinCard from all other cards is that cryptocurrencies can be used to either pay down revolving balances or used as a debit card drawing on the cryptocurrency accounts of its user. Annual fees are competitive to traditional cards at $50USD for a CoinCard Basic and $100USD for CoinCard Elite. CoinCard can be used at ATMs worldwide.

If used as a debit card, CoinCard is reloadable from anywhere in the world and the user may load their card using cryptocurrencies or altcoins including Bitcoin, Paycoin and many others. Users of CoinCard Elite that have credit lines extended will be able to use their cryptocurrency to pay down their extended or revolving credit.

To obtain a reservation for a CoinCard Basic or CoinCard Elite, visit http://ordercoincard.com/. The first 1,000 to reserve a CoinCard (500 CoinCard Basic and 500 CoinCard Elite) will receive one year free of transaction fees, excluding the annual fee.

About the Crypto Private Investor Group

The Crypto Private Investor Group (CPIG) was formed to create and promote cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies, as a whole, have the ability to create a new payment / financial consideration system. Inherent in a cryptocurrency payment system are features such as lower merchant and consumer costs, significantly greater security and the possibility of creating a single currency…a digital currency that crosses boarders throughout the world creating a global marketplace where commerce flows easily.

The CPIG will seek to quiet the maelstrom swirling around the crypto category. To undo the negative impact, outcome and perception from circumstances like Mt. Gox and those that seek to undermine the category’s success through the use of negatively sensationalized press covering the category based upon conjecture versus fact.

The CPIG is impartial and coin agnostic, serving as a guiding light to the future of cryptocurrency and its utility and adoption in a global marketplace.

For more information please visit: http://ordercoincard.com/

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