Moneytis Releases Remittance Service with a Bitcoin Backbone

Moneytis Releases Remittance Service with a Bitcoin Backbone

Moneytis, a new global remittance firm launch a new way to transfer money online, in Europe, China and Mexico.

Two years ago, Etienne Tatur and Christophe Lassuyt used to transfer money to each other between Europe and China, until they realized that a huge amount was lost in fees, even by using the well-known money transmitters. They tested together to transfer money by using the bitcoin market and discovered that this was going to become a game-changer in money transfers.

Moneytis’ blockchain technology enables worldwide transfers with less than 2% cost, compared to 8% on average with other solutions. This places Moneytis commitment in line with the World Bank Greenback 2.0 project. “Our financial analysis shows that with more users we could quickly reduce the cost to less than 0.8%, according to the world bank, this would result in 30 billion dollars saved for emerging countries which is more than 20% of World development aid” said Christophe Lassuyt, Moneytis CFO.”

Starting today, customers in China, Mexico and Europe can request an invitation on the website to be among the first customers. More than 100 transactions have already been done thanks to Beta users, for an average cost of 1.72%. “We are thrilled to release publicly our online solution and to see the feedbacks of our first users. Some of them already used the solution to send money to their family and to pay education fees” said Etienne Tatur, Moneytis CTO.

Users are welcome to visit the website for any currency exchange. We provide the ability to compare currency exchange alternatives, even when the currency is not supported by Moneytis yet. Indeed Moneytis allows transfer between 3 currencies and currently works with important actors on providing 5 more within the end of the year.


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