Seeking Applications For Participation in The Block Chain Conference

Seeking Applications For Participation in The Block Chain Conference

Expert Practitioners and Visionaries Sought for Educational Business Program - taking place on February 10, 2016 in San Francisco.

With a venue and date now locked in, The Block Chain Conference focusing on Doing Business with Block Chains, Distributed Ledgers and Decentralized Applications – is seeking applications from expert practitioners and business visionaries interested in presenting and/or participating in the conference program.

The Block Chain Conference will take place on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 at the Mission Bay Conference Center, located on the UCSF Mission Bay Campus in San Francisco. The conference program is now being developed, sponsors are being recruited and early-bird delegate registration is open.

Peter Harris, Chairman of The Block Chain Conference, said:

“We very much want to hear from industry practitioners with first-hand experience of block chain applications and business leaders with insights into future block chain trends in order to consider them for the educational program.”

Unlike many other events in the crypto currency space, The Block Chain Conference has a unique focus on block chain and distributed ledger approaches and their potential to underpin game-changing decentralized business applications across a variety of vertical markets.

Despite being characterized as a development as important as that of the Internet, information and direction on block chain approaches remains scarce and often is presented in overly technical language and without any business context. Thus, a key mission of The Block Chain Conference is to educate business innovators and technology architects from companies deploying enterprise IT of the potential benefits and challenges of leveraging block chains and distributed ledgers.

The early results of research being conducted and soon to be published by Lighthouse Partners, which is producing The Block Chain Conference, indicates that established mainstream IT vendors have little to offer their traditional enterprise customers in terms of products, services and thought leadership regarding block chain deployment.

As a result of its research findings, Lighthouse decided that the imperative exists and timing is right for an educational business-oriented conference. San Francisco was chosen as the host city because of the large number of innovative block chain technology companies located in the immediate area.

Those interested in participating in the conference program should contact Peter Harris, Chairman of The Block Chain Conference, via email at

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