Bitcoin 2.0 Meets Hollywood: Launches TIX crowdsale With Oscar-Winning Team Hoping to Raise 3,000 BTC

Bitcoin 2.0 Meets Hollywood: Launches TIX crowdsale With Oscar-Winning Team Hoping to Raise 3,000 BTC

Online film distribution experts are looking to use crypto-currency to put the power back into the hands of the fans in a Walt Disney-style effort that could change the movie industry as we know it., the first cryptocurrency-backed movie crowdfunding platform is announcing the launch of the TIX bitcoin crowdsale to raise 3,000 BTC to jumpstart operations and establish the first-ever Bitcoin Trailer Fund (BTF). The BTF awards filmmakers with bitcoin toward trailer production for campaigns on the Lovingood Filmfund crowdfunding platform. Upon successful funding of its 3,000BTC crowdsale, Lovingood Filmfund will award 12 filmmakers with 50BTC to launch campaigns toward the studio’s first online movie distribution slate.


Lovingood Filmfund ( is a new entertainment crowdfunding and distribution platform that uses a crypto-token system (TIX) to enable filmmakers to sell digital presale tickets to their film to fans and investors before it’s made. Once the pre-determined ticket sale goal is met, the filmmaker now has the budget to produce their movie without the stress of having investors to pay back. Once the movie is ready for release, the film has built-in distribution through the Lovingood Filmclub platform and a group of fans ready to spread the word. Presale ticket holders can either use their TIX to watch a movie on the platform (and see their name in the credits) or sell their tickets on our TIX exchange to another moviegoer for a fixed retail price and make a small return.

About Lovingood Studios

Founded by Marcus and Mark Lovingood and joined by Oscar-winning Hollywood producer Brad Wyman, Lovingood Studios ( is an all-in-one film crowdfunding and distribution platform, creating a new and exciting model for filmmakers of all shapes and sizes. This gives filmmakers looking to bypass the high-barrier studio industry a self-sustainable option and provides the power of the internet to drive billion dollar box-offices online. Lovingood and Wyman have a list of high-profile industry producers and directors (XMEN, Off Their Rockers, Dark Knight) to collaborate and launch Filmfund campaigns with, creating star-studded movie slates that will entice audiences across the world.

About the Crowdsale

The Lovingood Studios team is launching a Bitcoin Crowdsale on September 25th, 2015 to bitcoin enthusiasts who would like to get their hands on the TIX currency and be the first to experience this new revolution in film finance. The studio is partnering with Coinprism and CEO Flavien Charlon to handle the crowdsale and distribution of the entertainment-backed currency. 100,000 ETIX can be purchased for $5/TIX (.02BTC) starting at 00:00:01 on Friday, September 25th, 2015 until 00:00:00 on Sunday, October 25th, 2015. 1,000 VIPTIX can be purchased for $235/TIX (1BTC) starting at 00:00:01 on Thursday, October 15th at 00:00:01 until 00:00:00 on Sunday, October 15th, 2015. A select number of bitcoin enthusiasts will be invited to the invite-only beta launch on Thursday, September 24th, 2015. ZapChain is hosting an exclusive Q&A with Marcus Lovingood and team at 11AM on Friday.

For more information on being part of our launch, sign up at

To learn more about the Lovingood Filmclub:

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