Bitbond Launches Global Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Bitbond Launches Global Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Bitcoin lending platform Bitbond today announced the launch of its new global affiliate program. The affiliate program is designed to open up the services Bitbond provides, and allow the vibrant Bitbond community to share in the revenue of the company. By providing a financial incentive, affiliates promoting Bitbond will now be able to profit financially for every active user they refer.

Aspiring affiliates are able to access their personalised link by signing up and accessing the affiliate page. Once the link has been received, affiliates are encouraged to share their link and promote Bitbond by writing blog posts, sending emails, sharing on social platforms or placing a banner ad on their website.

Bitbond’s bitcoin affiliate program allows users to be paid for every borrower and lender they refer, who become active on the platform. An affiliate stands to earn 20% of the origination fee as commission for every borrower and 30% commission for every lender who is referred, via their personalised affiliate link. This can lead to an affiliate earning 50% of Bitbond’s fees. All commission payments are made instantly.

CEO & Founder of Bitbond Radoslav Albrecht said:

“The launch of our new global affiliate program signals our desire to align the earnings of the company with those of our  community.

By offering significant rewards to affiliates from around the world, we help our users to make additional income from our services. It was our goal to establish one of the most rewarding bitcoin affiliate programs around today, and I think we have achieved that.” 

Furthermore, visitors referred via affiliate links are considered invitees for two years, meaning that affiliates stand to earn from one single referral for years to come. 

Additionally, the launch of Bitbond’s affiliate program is an acknowledgement of the rapidly growing affiliate industry, which is worth over $3 Billion and is becoming increasingly more professional.

As all payments are made in bitcoin, Bitbond’s affiliate program does not require affiliates to own or have access to a bank account, making the affiliate program truly global. 

About Bitbond

Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform. Small businesses like ebay sellers who need to finance working capital and inventory list their loan request on Bitbond after going through a credit check. The loans get funded by individual and institutional lenders who thereby earn interest with their bitcoins.

By leveraging bitcoin as a technology and payment network, Bitbond is the first global marketplace lender for small business loans. Investing and borrowing through Bitbond is accessible to everybody who has an internet connection. Therefore the platform and its users are independent from the traditional banking system.

Previous to starting Bitbond, founder and CEO Radoslav Albrecht worked at Deutsche Bank London and consulting firm Roland Berger.

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