Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Announces Bitcoin Adoption Research Project

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Announces Bitcoin Adoption Research Project

The Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam has announced the launch of comprehensive market research into the current adoption of Bitcoin by its users. This research is looking to investigate - using a quantitative methodology - various factors influencing the current use and adoption of Bitcoin.

For this research project to succeed the Embassy are calling Bitcoin users all over the world, Bitcoin related companies and their customer,s as well as other organizations, to actively promote this research by inviting others to complete an online questionnaire posted at

This survey is based on existing theoretical models like the “technology acceptance model” and the “unified theory of acceptance and use of technology”. It’s the first time that these scientific models through the survey will be applied to bitcoin.

The factors investigated include for example the risk perception of the public towards bitcoin and their opinion about the ease of use. Also their knowledge about bitcoin and the perceived usefulness will be topics in the questionnaire.

Upon completion the results of the research project will be published on the website of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam for the benefit of all.

The researcher in charge is the Dutch student Sanne Kiljan, who will be using this research project to  graduate as a Bachelor of Psychology at his university in Eindhoven. Being an active bitcoin user and enthusiast for several years with some prior work experience at Bitonic, a leading Bitcoin related company in the Netherlands, he became aware of the need of further market research. He subsequently managed to get the Bitcoin Adoption Research Project accepted by his educational institution and also involved the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association.

Sanne Kiljan will also be posting more information on the website of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam.

About the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association is a non-profit association democratically ruled by its members and executive committee consisting of personal,  professional and corporate members. The association was established by a diverse range of individuals and businesses united by the greater vision that Blockchain and peer-to-peer (digital) technologies can profoundly contribute to improvement of society as a whole. It aims to become the central online and real world meeting place for interested parties, individuals and businesses through it’s various methods like : website, social media, own meeting space and special interest & technology development groups and many more. Next to promoting the use of Blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies in the Netherlands and Europe by education and public engagement it also offers the community a voice. Besides this it acts as a start-up incubator by supervising starting projects and to launch them into the sphere.

Survey :

Bitcoin embassy Amsterdam:

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