Amazon Coins virtual currency now available on Kindle Fire

Amazon Coins virtual currency now available on Kindle Fire

Amazon has thrown a handful of its online coins at its US customers. The bookseller has handed 500 "Amazon Coins" to each of its Kindle Fire customers. 500 coins are worth $5 and can be used to buy apps and games and also virtual items within games used on the ereader. To further tempt Kindle punters Amazon is offering ten per cent discounts on future coin purchases. Although US only for now we would expect the system to be offered elsewhere in the world soon. The Coins, for now at least, appear more like a loyalty card system than a fully-fledged currency. We assume Amazon hopes to boost....

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Amazon books its own currency

Amazon is launching its own currency later this month. Amazon Coins will only be exchangeable for Kindle applications and games and will only initially be available to US customers. The virtual coins will be valued at one US cent each, so a $2.99 purchase will cost 299 Coins. Amazon will prime the market by giving customers millions of free coins. Amazon said: "When Amazon Coins launches in May, we will give out tens of millions of dollars in Amazon Coins...". Application developers have already been asked to get their software in for review but no other integration is required. Developers....

Amazon Leaves Users High and Dry Despite Promising Fire OS Encryption

5 March 2016 – Amazon has retracted their move to disable encryption on Fire OS and HDX devices. They have no plans to quickly fix this issue, though, saying that the update reenabling this security feature will come sometime in Spring. This leaves Amazon device users without an option for device encryption for at least a few months, putting their privacy and data at risk. Given Amazon’s heavy integration of monetized services and cloud applications, this security fix seems like it should be a higher priority for the internet retail giant.

Amazon Wallet: A Threat to Bitcoin?

This is what Amazon Wallet looks like. Amazon isn't new to the digital payments industry. The online retailer launched Amazon Payments back in 2007, a service that directly competes with the likes of PayPal and Google Wallet. Then in December 2013, Amazon purchased GoPago, a mobile payments platform. Now, continuing the company's push into the digital payments sector, Amazon has launched Amazon Wallet. What Amazon Wallet Does, Or Rather, Doesn't Do. Amazon Wallet is...surprisingly basic. Designed for use at the point-of-sale, Amazon Wallet is essentially an Android app that stores gift....

Analyst predicts final chapter for Amazon Coins

A new report has predicted the demise of Amazon Coins, arguing that the initiative goes against industry trends and could incur a user backlash. 'Alternative Currencies: Is There Staying Power?' is a report from Mercator Advisory Group, which specializes in reports to the payment industry. It charts recent developments in four areas: cryptocurrencies, community currencies started regionally, in-game currencies, and loyalty points tied to payment cards. Jeffrey Green, director of the emerging technologies advisory service at Mercator, and author of the report, argues that Amazon bucked the....

Are Amazon Coins designed for breakage?

Your cash has never been more valuable. Amazon is set tolaunch its Amazon Coin this month. It's an interesting move and one that paves the way for other retailers to soak up a lot of cash with very little effort. There's nothing new about companies offering gift tokens, but this is currency -- and word has it that several other large brands are developing their own versions to be wrapped in their own corporate identities. As a customer, you'd be offered cheaper goods for using their currency. For example, with Amazon Coins, you might pay less for a product than if you paid with cash. So....


The Bitcoin protocol has immense intrinsic value as a self-regulating frictionless payment network affordable to almost anyone. Here is a technology that allows anyone to send any amount of money to anyone else in the world at virtually no cost with nothing more than an Internet connection or smart phone. Bitcoin, like the Internet, is one of those innovations that can break down barriers; information barriers in the case of the Internet, and financial barriers with Bitcoin.

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