World Bank forum weighs pros, cons of virtual currencies

World Bank forum weighs pros, cons of virtual currencies

A roundtable discussion at the World Bank on Friday brought together a small group of officials for a closed-to-the-public,"frank discussion" about virtual currencies. "Virtual Currencies: The Legal and Regulatory Challenges," was organized by the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development and was held at the World Bank's headquarters in Washington, DC. "A stocktaking roundtable will discuss legal and regulatory challenges associated to this new phenomenon. Virtual currencies are among the myriads of options for receiving payments and paying online. For example, Bit-Coin (sic) - one of....

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Firstly, let me start out by saying that we fully support the X11 Algorithm and that we do believe it is the future for many coins out there. Especially considering that Scrypt ASICs have already been spotted in the wild, and that there are new ASICs of an expected 250 MH/s! The X11 Algorithm has its flaws though (cons), but do they outweigh all of the pros? Without further ado, let's take a look at the pros and cons of the X11 Algorithm. Litecoin's supposed X11 Logo. Pros. First Pro of the X11 Algorithm? Security: The algorithm uses eleven hashing functions from the Blake algorithm to the....

The IMF Is Talking & Vouching for Virtual Currencies and Blockchain Tech

While presenting a new report about virtual currencies at the World Economic Forum, Christine Lagarde, the director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) speaks for virtual currencies and their underlying technology’s potential to become a powerful tool. A new report by the International Monetary Fund praised the benefits and innovation that comes with virtual currencies. It calls for a balanced regulatory framework that should be mindful of the innovation at hand. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde presented the report at the World Economic Forum during the panel....

Latin American Virtual Currency Forum: Finncial & Regulatory Environment

Latin America held its first forum discussion on the financial and regulatory environment for virtual currencies in the continent. The organizers aptly named the forum, “Latin American Forum on Virtual Currencies,” and put an effort to bring Bitcoin advocates and Latin American governments together. With BitLicense hogging the headlines in the Bitcoin ecosystem, this recent development in the South America was unable to make to get much traction in the news. The forum was a one-day discussion on the financial and regulatory environment in Latin America. The event was cosponsored by Bitcoin....

LIVE STREAMING from Labitcoinconf in Brasil

1st Latin American forum on Virtual Currencies In The Financial And Regulatory Environment. Virtual Currencies are a reality, and this 1st Forum is your chance to understand and embrace the wide spread of opportunities that this new technology brings for societies and businesses. During a full day key players will address ideas and international experiences for setting up a regulatory framework that promotes exploration and development while mitigating the risks. Visit the official website for more information:

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Over the course of three previous articles, the pros and cons of the bankchain concept have been thoroughly discussed. Even though most Bitcoin enthusiasts don’t see a viable future for private blockchains in the banking system, there are still a few aspects left to discuss. Regulation of bankchains will be important, and it remains to be seen how the Know-Your-Customer requirement will be tackled. One of the more interesting aspects of Bitcoin’s blockchain technology is how the digital currency is not regulated by a central bank or authority. This creates a promising scenario for....


Blockchain technology continues to redefine not only how the exchange sector operates, but the global financial economy as a whole.

Bob Greifeld, CEO, Nasdaq