Pilot to display bitcoin logo on glider during world's first Mt. Everest flight

Pilot to display bitcoin logo on glider during world's first Mt. Everest flight

The bitcoin logo could soon be seen soaring over the Himalayas as gliding competition pilot Sebastian Kawa has confirmed it will appear on his glider during a trip to Mt. Everest next month. The nine times winner of the World Gliding Championships is aiming to raise €50,000 ($67,745) by 30th November to fund his attempt to be the first person to glide to the top of the world's highest mountains. The Everest Gliding Project is accepting donations in both fiat currency and bitcoins. Kawa's Sponsume fundraising page shows €2,163 has already been donated in fiat currency, but Blockchain.info....

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Final Mincoin Logo Contest ending in less than 24 hours

Mincoin is creating a new logo for their coin and their final voting has started. To cast in your vote visit the Mincoinforum here. See our older post here. The New Mincoin Logo?

Mincoin Logo Contest - 2 hours left of voting

Vote on your favorite new Mincoin Logo here. The voting ends in two hours. Personally I think the designer "Allow" should win. I especially like this logo (not sure which color though, well maybe the grey): What do you think of the logos?