Bitcoin Price Hits $500, a 50x Increase in Just 12 Months

Bitcoin Price Hits $500, a 50x Increase in Just 12 Months

The price of bitcoin reached $900 on Mt. Gox at around 01:15 GMT, with the highest price recorded on BTC China being 6,989 CNY ($1,147) at around 01:00 GMT. The CoinDesk BPI reached $781 at 01:13 GMT. The price has now dropped, though, with BTC China showing 4,000 CNY, Mt. Gox showing $670 and the CoinDesk BPI showing $575. UPDATE (18th November, 22:45 GMT): the price of bitcoin reached $750 on Mt. Gox within the last hour-and-a-half. The highest the price reached according to the CoinDesk BPI was $636 at 21:28. This price increase coincided with the Senate hearing about bitcoin, in which....

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Bitcoin Price Hits $450 For The First Time in 2015

The price of bitcoin surpassed the $450 mark today for the first time this year. According to CoinDesk's USD Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), bitcoin opened the day at $400.71 before increasing 12.5% to $450.60 at 10:49am (UTC). It has since increased to $452.17 at press time. Today's peak price marks another yearly high for the digital currency, which passed the $400 mark for the first time since November 2014 just yesterday. In the last month, the price of bitcoin has increased by 88.5%, having closed on $238.69 on 4th October. Bitcoin's performance in the last three months have seen its value....

Bitcoin Price Hits $300 Amid Continuing Price Rally

The price of bitcoin reached $300 today on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) for the first time in over three months, continuing a steady climb since mid-September. The last time the bitcoin price surpassed $300 was on 13th July, when the price reached a high of $310.09, but closed on $290.88. Today, the price exceeded this marker at around 02:30 UTC before continuing to rise to $301.96, but falling to $299.71 at the time of press. While the price has increased 30.3% since the beginning of September, it is still considerably lower than it was throughout the same period of 2014.....

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Hits $290

The Bitstamp Price Index struck $290 early this morning, adding another milestone in Bitcoin's steady climb over the last couple of months. The bitcoin price rang in the milestone at 05:52 UTC and reached a high of $291.78. The price at the time of publishing is $290.010. The growth is likely to be a result of increased trading in Chinese Bitcoin exchanges, after China's central bank recently slashed its rates in an attempt to kickstart the slowing economy. For a live Bitcoin Price chart, click here.

Dogecoin Price: Not to the Moon Yet, But Headed in the Right Direction

Over the past several months, the Dogecoin price has experienced a consistent decline. However, over the past two weeks the Dogecoin price has rebounded considerably. Should investors be bullish on Dogecoin? CCN examines the recent Dogecoin price increase. Dogecoin Price Increases 18% in 24 hours. September 4 was a refreshing day for altcoin investors, as a number of altcoins saw significant price increases. One standout was Dogecoin, who experienced a greater-than-18% 24-hour price increase from September 3-4. After resting at 27 satoshis on September 2, the Dogecoin price began to move....

Bitcoin Price Hits New High for 2015

The price of bitcoin has hit a new high for 2015, with the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) peaking at $333.75 this morning. Bitcoin, which opened the day at $313.31, rose 6.5% to $333.75 at 8.16am (UTC). It has since decreased to $326.55 at press time. The cryptocurrency began the year trading at $313.92, which was followed by a steep drop of more than 43% to $177.28 two weeks later, making headlines across the world. Today's peak price marks a 6.2% increase from the digital currency's value on 1st January 2015, but a 57% decrease from the same day in 2014, when bitcoin was trading at....


No one really knows who is really behind Bitcoins, as the creator is just a pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. That in itself should be a huge red flag. I would certainly not trust my life savings to some mysterious computer algorithm created by shadowy anonymous characters in a system that attracts underworld types.

James J. Angel, Georgetown professor specializing in financial markets